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What Irritates You? Part Two

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I got a real kick out of reading some of your stories about the things in life that other people do to really annoy you. I think that my next little What Would Judy Say book is going to be all about the petty little irritations that frustrate everyone; I know I learned some things from reading yours. Maybe if we all got together, we could make a more civilized world, a more caring place where one person actually cares about whether their actions affect the comfort of their fellow community member. What is it that we do to disrupt that sense of caring and civility toward each other? Dig down deep and think some more about what those things are that really bug you. I’d love to hear all about them!

Your stories

  1. Phone eating torture!

    by Violet
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  1. Phone eating torture!

    by Violet

    I worked the NA 24/7 IT call center, for a major International automotive company. Three people were working the midnight shift, including myself. One of the technicians would eat and chew loudly while talking to clients. Chewing with your mouth open is a big irritant for me and this tech made it worse by being on calls like this! What made it worse was she was 3 desks away from me! I had to endure this torture for about a year. GIVE ME NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD ALL DAY!! The nails would be better! JJ has a beautiful voice!

  2. One says yes, the other says no

    by Seetha

    I cannot stand it when I receive contradictory information from two different people at the same establishment. Especially when the first set of information is favourable, which is later rejected by another person based on a different set of information that erases my favourable outcome. I've had this happen at a computer repair store, at an administrative office at my medical school, basically everywhere where humans work. It seems there is always one overly-zealous-to-impress individual who accidentally puts their foot in their mouth and causes misunderstandings.

  3. Pick them up, be courteous!

    by Tina

    I frequent a gas station in my area. Every time I go I see 100’s of cigarette butts on the pavement. People get out of their vehicles and toss them on the ground. There is an ashtray right there if you walk a couple steps, it’s on the way in. Twice last summer I took my leaf blower, blew them into a pile. Went in borrowed their broom and dust pan and threw them in the trash. I would love to put a large neon sign in the window. Use the ashtray!!!

  4. Stop Talking! My Turn!

    by Gaby

    It irritates me to no end when someone hogs a conversation. I would be so self-conscious to drone on and on and not let another person speak. So obnoxious and rude!

  5. Don't Stop in the Street to Talk

    by Phyllis

    I live in south Mississippi. For some reason people think it is OK to stop in the street to talk to someone walking down the street or in a parked car. Yes, I mean in the street especially in front of a particular drug infested park by which I must pass on my way to work. They expect you to just go around them. They also honk their horn because they see someone they recognize not considering that it is usually there for a warning device, not to say hi to your neighbor.

  6. Watch Your Children More Closely!

    by Wes

    I see people all the time out in public with their children, usually a single mother, and they don't even hold the child's hand when crossing the road or parking lot at the grocery store. These same people are the ones crying the loudest when their child is (God forbid) taken, or killed by a drunk driver, or some other way. I believe that, as parents, we have a God given responsibility to protect our children, and others as well from any and all harm. Now I know that some cases are just fate. It rains on the just and the unjust alike. But I don't believe that we should tempt fate. So that's one of the things that really bothers about people. One piece of advice??? Don't Poke The Bear With a Stick and then Complain when the Bear Strikes!!


    by Kathy If I wanted to hear your music, I would ask to listen. But because you were raised by Neanderthals, I don't get the privilege of a choice!
  8. What Irritates My Sister Susie!

    by Mark Recently, I visited my developmentally-disabled younger sister. She was belly-flopped on the sofa watching her afternoon of Judge Judy. Often I find "Judge Judy 4-4:30" notes stuffed in her purse. Always the brother, how could I miss an opportunity to share?! I mentioned that Judge Judy is rude. Well, she was incensed. I never saw her this angry. She had attended a Catholic girls' school in Washington, DC. Often, she told of girls sitting in the school office because they misbehaved or were "rude". Sister Susie, (she's not a nun, we're Jewish, she is my real sister) wasn't going for criticism of Judge Judy. Sitting up, she yelled, "Judge Judy is NOT rude!" "Oh yes she is," I said. Whoa! Now Susie was screaming. I was ready to concede. "Ok" I said. We sat quietly. A minute passed. From the TV came "Sir you are an idiot!" I thought, thank you Judge Judy! I looked at Susie. "See," I said. Judge Judy's loyal fan wouldn't concede. She just grumbled and kept watching.
  9. Stay True to Your...Blank?

    by Maria I was always taught to be a strong and driven person. I was told that it was okay to stand out, as long it was for the better. Speaking up, being a leader, and working hard and longer, was the path to success. While this may have worked in my younger years, this is not the case for the real, adult world. I am 24 years old, and only just started my first legitimate job. While I am not used to an office job, I am used to the personality traits that I previously described. I had always applied them to every job in the past, and this seemed to work to my benefit. But, now that I am in a much different "business suit" kind of setting, I am finding that others do NOT seem to appreciate these skills. In fact, I feel as though this kind of personality is almost off-putting to others. I wonder how I can work to change my personality to better benefit my very young career. More importantly, how do I morally, set aside these good traits, to become more successful, and still remain true to myself? 
  10. Great friend, bad eating habit!

    by Oliver I have a friend who chews food with his mouth open. He’s one of the kindest people I have ever known and I love him to death, but eating around him is pretty difficult for me. I feel bad that I can’t get over it because of what a great guy he is and because I know I’m certainly not perfect. I’m sure I do and have done things that bother other people. My friends and I meet up about once a week and have dinner and hang out, so I usually only have to deal with it once a week. You would think that amongst five or six people, it wouldn’t always be that difficult to hear, but it can be. It’s almost comical. I can put up with a lot of things, but the “smacking” that occurs can make me nauseated. Of course I haven’t and never will say a thing to him about it because I can’t think of a way to say it without hurting his feelings. I just try to concentrate on how lucky I am to have such a great friend, but his eating habits are driving me bonkers.
  11. Judge Judy Grammar

    by Sarah I have been dying to get my pet hate in for ages! My annoyances come straight from the shows of Judge Judy! And it's bad grammar, I watch from the UK and am constantly irritated by the simple fact that people don't know the difference between 'lent' and 'borrow' and the strange use of 'ax' instead of 'ask.' We notice that most of the litigants try to speak like the Police and when trying to use legaleze, they dont understand they totally make up words. But my favourite by far is 'conversated' which we found hysterical the first time we heard it, but were then amazed when we heard it again and again! We are waiting for it to be in common parlance and in the Oxford English Dictionary! I am not great at written english and have not much idea about split infinitives and such, but I was brought up to speak correctly and so when I hear bad grammar it screams to me. So I am delighted whenever JJ corrects them but disheartened when it goes straights over their heads.
  12. I Hate Chimes

    by Jane Five years ago, a neighbor hung up a set of chimes that could be heard all over my property and inside my house. I asked him to take them down, and he began a course of harassment. I took him to court and sued him for the loss of quiet enjoyment of life (learned from Judge Judy, thank you!) stalking, harassment, punitive damages, pain and suffering, invasion of privacy. Result: $5000.00 judgment for the plaintiff & and cease harassment order issued by the police department. He then appealed and lost the appeal, I will be taking him again for continued loss of the right to the quiet enjoyment of life, unauthorized use of my real property air space, punitive damages and more. It's about time people stopped complaining about these private nuisances and did something about them.
  13. Pit Bulls without Papers!

    by Loretta Peety was a Pit Bull (Little Rascals fame) but that was long before the ignorance of drug dealers and the "Get rich quick" schemes of the lower classes. No one ever addresses how it is that Pit Bulls got to be so dangerous. Folks seem to be too busy defending their dogs behavior like proud parents. Truth is they've been inbred by those too ignorant or greedy to pick up a book on breeding. Brother to sister or mother and son. As any breeder will tell you, once that happens, the strain continues generation upon generation. And that's how we get Pit Bulls who are wonderful and loving and sweet and obedient until.........they're NOT! I don't own one. Never have. I just believe if more folks knew this, and still absolutely had to have one, they'd get one with Papers and a long life line to reference. You've got the platform. Please inform the masses.
  14. My sister and her boxes!

    by Lucrezia Ok, I admit my whole family collects things, but my sister Anne is beginning to irritate me. Mainly because she collects things, puts them in boxes when she has lost interest and then stores the boxes at other people's houses. For example, she used to live at my mother's home for some years about 5-8 years ago, and she had a lot of items. When she moved out, she put the items in boxes and left them at the house. Promising to move them out when she got her house sorted. About two years ago, my mother decided to let my other sister move into the house, so she told Anne that the boxes had to go. I foolishly said that she could store the boxes at my old house which was at the time for sale. 'Just for a few months,' she said. About 8 months later, the house sold, and I had to move not only my items but her boxes also into my new home, so that the house was empty. Now I have lived here in my new home 14 months, and the boxes are still here!
  15. Hang Up the Damn Phone!

    by Denise I think like most people over 40; this obsessive use of phones in public is what irritates me most. Several reasons; the most obvious is why am I forced to listen to your nonsense which often includes vile language and sheer stupidity at a screaming pitch ? Why are your children running around Walmart unattended reeking havoc and destroying property while you're discussing your stupid hair appointment? You are not only oblivious to what they're doing, you have no idea where they are! A little dangerous on many levels don't ya think? Why are you ruining my lunch date with my daughter  (a rare treat) because you're in the booth behind us screaming about your unfaithful loser boyfriend our ENTIRE meal? Why are your infuriating me while I stand in the Disneyland size line at the water company complaining about your car repairs and the roommate who hasn't paid rent? I'm already pissed. I'm paying a bill late hence the delinquent line. You aren't that important , your kids are. Talk to them. Hang up!!
  16. Favourite Person!

    by Margaret My daughter was born with Spina Bifida and all the problems that come with it. She got interested in your programming a number of years ago, and loves it. She has a blast when you are telling the people off. She always says "Judge Judy is the boss" or "She's getting angry". In Scotland, she watches Judge Rinder, although you are her favourite. Both programs were on at the same time one day, she had to choose ,and she chose Judge Judy. She loves your programming the best. My Natasha told her father that she would love to meet you. He told her that you live in America; she was unhappy at that.
  17. No Holiday Gifts?!

    by Lisa I've been in a relationship with a man for three years now, and I noticed the first year when we met that he didn't give me a gift during the holidays. Even now three years later, still nothing! Do you think I'm being selfish? (and YES he always get a gift from me!) He is polite and nice to me and so good in all other aspects...but lacking this one. I wonder what the Judge would do...
  18. Bad Customer Service

    by Nigel I become incensed by bad customer service: being called by my first name on the phone, ignoring me at the checkout, or just poorly placed language.  Being a resident of England, UK, I remember when I was treated as a respected customer, a client, not just walking money. I have walked out of so many shops because the person behind the counter is on the phone and trying to serve me at the same time. I don't expect 'proper' customer service will ever return, in the meantime I shall remain furious at being treated as though I don't matter.
  19. Don't Let Anyone Define Your Worth

    by Louie I've always let people define my worth. I was never taught how to stand up for myself. I was always taught, there's someone out there who is always better than me. Which may be true, but neither was I taught, "Hey, there are things that you could be good at too". Worst of all, it was my family who taught me that. Although the essence of the message was to strive for the best, it was unproductive. After reading your book, I was most touched by your advice and I think I found it most relevant because I am a recent law graduate. I'm usually the kind that lays in bed and wonders "What am I getting up for?". I'm 24 years old and finally pulling myself together. Now I get up to show others I'm not as dull. I've got a brain too, and I hold on to every piece of advice you've ever given to those who value it. So now when people tell me "You can't do it", I think to myself "Who are you to define my worth?" Mrs Sheindlin, thank you sincerely!
  20. Self Awareness and Authenticity

    by Jason Its really quite upsetting that, normally, offenders of not having these two skills sharp and keen for use multiple times each day. What's more is that those with little self awareness or authenticity, normally, are unaware of their crime!! When you are self aware, you are mindful of how all of your actions effect those around you. As a general rule, hopefully, you are someone who wishes to be seen in a reasonably positive light by others. If the idea of the opposite occurring doesn't unnerve you then you should think about self examining how likable you are, or at the very least ask the few people who have remained close to you what they think of you. Authenticity goes hand in hand with Empathy. There have even been studies that place a dollar amount on the level to which you can be empathetic (as in during salary negotiations for employment). It effects every aspect of your responses to everything. Both are so huge, yet so many have no clue they are chronic offenders!!
  21. Common Courtsey & Common Sense

    by Kathy Common courtesy and common sense are two lessons I remember being taught as a child. Say please and thank you. Don't interrupt. My friend's parents' first names were all Mr. And Mrs. Don't talk back or be rude. Etc... I blinked, grew up and the world's gone to idiots and fools.
  22. Tipping for children

    by Carrie I was a waitress for thirteen years at a family restaurant. On Sundays, after church, we would get slammed with large parties. The adults would sit together and the children would sit at another table, often in another server's station. I'm not talking three or four children, but ten or twelve. We would ring up each child separately and then give their bill to the parents. The children would make a mess, order hot chocolate, which had free refills. Each child would drink three or four. The parents acted like they were out to lunch with friends and not keep tabs on their children. When the circus is over, the server who had the adults got a decent tip, but the server who had the children might have two or three dollars. I just want people to understand that the server who had the children probably worked ten times harder for a lousy couple of dollars. Watch your children and tip their server please! I love your morality and love of justice. I would love to live in a Judge Judy world!
  23. Pull Your Pants Up!

    by Kathy When I see men's pants down to the bottom of their butts, it's nasty! The only good that can come from this absurdity is when a robber, whom our law enforcement is chasing, trips and falls down when his pants drop to his ankles.
  24. Remember to Tip Your Waiter!

    by Gail Judge Judy, I listen to your show on the way to and from work, when I get ready in the morning and when I make my dinner. You are amazing. What irritates me is tipping etiquette. I have worked as a waitress for years as I am sure a few have at one time or another. What bothers me is when people go into a restaurant and order..."eat the steak" if you will, knowing they will not tip on the service. Some do not know better, especially younger people...I understand. It is the people that deliberatley go to an establishment with no intention of tipping for the service. These people, including myself, get no pay check and earn wages on tips alone. When you get the service provided, enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant and leave happy, you should participate in the etiquette. That is how employees pay their bills, feed their children, etc. If the service was poor, by all means...leave nothing or something not at 15 or 20%. However, go knowing you should pay for the service. Gail
  25. Parking in Front of a Store

    by Suzy from AZ My biggest gripe is someone who parks in the No Parking zone in front of a store, blocking the pedestrian walkway. Don't they see the signs? Don't they realize they are holding up traffic, as well as keeping the driver behind them from seeing people coming and going from the store as they have to pull around them? Not only is it a safety issue, but it's rude! I've had to dodge cars while trying to get out of the supermarket with my cart because these people are causing a pile-up. Someone from the stores should be standing there to tell them to move on.... before someone gets killed.
  26. "You sir, are deranged"

    by Colleen This was just today. I am new to facebook. I'm 50, so it isn't because I am 'new to the planet'. I am reconnecting with my family after many years. I have been on this social media venue, not even a year yet. I made the mistake of offering my lighthearted take on a political issue. Someone who is 'friends' with one of my brothers took to his keyboard and said, "you sir, are deranged" my response was, "First off, I'm not a sir....I'm a ma'am... I invite you to disagree with me, but please save the name calling" It is unbelievable the love people have for their singular opinion. I have learned that once you stop learning, ignorance sets in. If you believe you are right and never look past your own nose, how can you enrich your life or experiences? The solitude that goes on now has a great deal to do with that. Being behind a monitor emboldens people to the point of ruthlessness and cruelty. Its as if that computer or whatever mess they tap out their crap on is a Superman cape.
  27. Not a good friend

    by Perry I purchased a firearm from a long time friend of mine. He needed money so he gave me a deal on the gun. He was living in Arizona when he purchased the firearm, and in AZ, they don't require a FOID card. I purchased the gun thinking I could register it where I lived, but the gun, if it's bought private party in my current state, both parties need a Foid card to buy it legally. I told my friend that I would sell the gun back to him for the same price, and he said that's fine. He paid half the money, and in the last month he said once his wife gets paid from her job he'd send me more money. I haven't seen a dime yet. I have text messages from him saying that the money is coming, but to no avail. He's not retuning my text messages or phone calls. I came through for him when he needed the money, he should do the same for me. That's my story. Thanks, Perry
  28. What irritates & saddens at the same time

    by Candace My mother, rest her soul, could have been your twin Same hair style and color, same no nonsense personality. Growing up, I could not get by with anything. Thank goodness, because I really tried hard. She made me what I am today. Kind, considerate and civic minded. It warms my heart to watch you each day. It brings my mom back to me. Bless you Judge Judy . 
  29. My mother....

    by Dwight When she tries to drive and read a paper map, telling me she is confused and unsure of where she is going. That irritates me (and scares me a little as well...)!
  30. Phone Walkers

    by Pamela I fell and broke my arm (which was also due to a phone, but that's another story!), and while on the sidewalk with my son supporting me, a woman came walking along while scrolling on her phone and had to be told TWICE to go around us. It's dangerous for the person scrolling or texting as well as for others in his/her path. I look at it as another example of "all about me" - no regard for or awareness of anyone else.
  31. People in Authority Not Held Accountable!

    by Danelle From major corp's that steal their clients hard earned money (life's savings, pensions etc.), Teachers that have sex with students. Politicians notorious for their opinions or beliefs (often morally superior) only to be exposed of participating in the very "evil" they were so vehemently opposed to. Police & other LEO that act as if they have a "license-to-kill" over the most minor infractions. Our daily headlines often read "Innocent man shot dead after calling 911 for help with noisy neighbor."I've saved my biggest peeve for last...for the ultimate authorities; holding the most important & influential authority, shapING our most vulnerable people. Kids. It's the bad/irresponsible parent. We all know of at least 1. You know the kind. Refusing to parent. Wanting to be their kids' friend. Their kids have all the new toys & gadgets, but mom or dad are absent when they're truly needed. Discipline is a 4 letter word, maybe tried, but rarely enforced. Who really pays? We all do! jmho
  32. Road Rage

    by David I am routinely cut off or someone jumps ahead of me just to be one car-length in front.Not that I drive real slow, just that I'm in someone's way.As a Catholic Christian, I always want to be as close to God as I can be.My commute to work is roughly 10 to 15 minutes to and from work.My wife,who I adore, told me one day, "You know,the interstate 81 bridge you travel across every day is the worst bridge for accidents in all of the United States."I always worry about you and wish you didn't have to go over it every day."I tell her,"Well, I've been going over it every weekday since 1995,when I started College, so I'm not that worried about it much at all."Another scary thing is people not yielding for traffic,just pulling out whenever they feel like it.Also, people cutting off tractor trailers.It has gotten rough and tough because I have to be more alert for others actions than for my own.Judge Judy, you travel behind senior citizens driving slow in Florida, but I'm sure you understand me.
  33. Incorrigable Liars

    by Janine One of the many things we seem to agree on, is people who lie either to hide the truth, or to impress for whatever reason. Now, perhaps we don't want to tell someone they don't "smell too good." Better to say nothing if it's not someone you know or are close to. ; however, there are ways to 'lovingly' get your point across, but never publicly. I know, I'd appreciate someone who cares about me that my skirt is stuck in my panty hose waistband, or whatever. The thing I want to bring up is people who lie constantly. I've known 2-3 people that fabricate stories, often grandiose, and feed them to you like you're a fish on a hook. I'm in my sixties and haven't yet figured out how to tell them it's "BS," just in case something might be true. I've worked hard to un-learn bluntness in remarks; like when I told my hubby his girth was a "huge tumor hanging off his chest." Idea: Change the subject to "Thou shalt not bear false witness" or bore them with an uninteresting subject.
  34. My Generation

    by Heather It seems that with each passing generation, we care more about feelings than we do about common sense, responsibility, and simply doing what is right. I hear people complain about it all the time, yet it's still an epidemic. As a teacher, I am hesitant to tell a student when he's wrong, or give a student a low grade that she's EARNED because I might hear it from the parents, and WORSE the administrators. It seems to me like we are creating a society of people with their heads in the clouds and their feet no where near the ground. Judge Judy, you are one of the things that keeps me from thinking I'm the insane one. Thanks for your no-non-sense approach to the world. We need more people like you running things.
  35. Renters

    by Ida It bothers me that my 6 renters always pay their rent late. They have their cigarettes, beer, pot...I'm always the last person to get paid...doesn't matter the lease agreement they signed for late fees. I can't evict them all...
  36. Manners

    by A. Jamison I come from a background that believes you are only as good as your word. Thus I believe, if you tell someone you're going to do something then by God you do it. I've a friend of 10 + years & she's more guilty of this than not. For example, we'll talk at the beginning of the week about tentatively getting together. Either she or myself will agree to contact one or the other the following weekend. She never calls me or if I call, she won't answer. She'll call Tues or Wed the following wk with the same excuse, " My weekend was crazy". Although she's always been that way, she's gotten worse in the past few years. I know I've enabled her disrespectful behavior by tolerating it & just letting it go. Plus, I know she would get on the defensive, making up excuses that don't wash. To play devil's advocate, I'm sure she means it at the time but there's a saying I picked up from my mother that I've used forever & that's " the road to hell is paved with good intentions" .
  37. Today's Parents

    by Martha It is so sad when you run across a child who says please and thank you and it really stands out. It is so rare these days. When I was a kid (I'm 60), kids were taught manners and respect. You respected your teachers, your elders and especially your parents and it was universal, ALL the kids were being taught the same thing. You wore the clothes your parents bought you, you went on vacation where your parents took you, you did what you were told. What a wonderful, wonderful childhood. Today, young folks can barely form a sentence, add or subtract but the biggest harm is a sense of entitlement that is epic. With that sense of entitlement comes a total lack of empathy, unrealistic demands, lack of respect. The way we were brought up years ago, today would be nsidered abusive.But it was safe and sweet, our parents protected us from all the ugly in the world we had structure and rules and if you didn't follow the rules you were disciplined...wow what a concept.
  38. New York Subway Etiquette

    by Barbara Why must people stand in the subway doorways, EVEN WHEN THE DOORS OPEN! Why must some play their music so LOUD YOU CAN HEAR IT RIGHT THROUGH THEIR EARPHONES! Why must some guys spread their legs so WIDE THEIR LEG IS PUSHING OFF YOUR SEAT! Why must people LEAN AGAINST THE POLE AS IF NO ONE ELSE NEEDS TO HOLD ON! Why must kids do HIP HOP ROUTINES DOWN THE AILSE! Why must FAT PEOPLE SQUEEZE INTO THE MIDDLE SEAT WHERE THE OBVIOUSLY DON'T FIT (okay, I do this too). Why must people stop and survey the car for the best seat when their are 15 PEOPLE BEHIND HIM TRYING TO GET ON! Why must subway conductors close the doors WHEN THEY SEE YOU MAKING A MAD DASH DOWN THE STAIRS TO CATCH THE TRAIN! Why must conductors make announcement that there is another train right behind this one WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY ON THE TRAIN. Forget it, I'm taking the bus. And while on THAT subject . . .
  39. Chewing gum

    by Sandra it irritates me to no end when people are chewing gum. They pop it and crack it and even blow bubbles. I'm referring to adults. It is difficult to speak to someone when they are smacking gum. Recently the girl who gives me my monthly message has started chewing gum. Can you images laying there for an hour trying to relax as someone smacks gum?
  40. Words to fill up sentences

    by Kristen I absolutely hate the word "Basically." It burns my ears when I hear it. There is no excuse for using it. Can't people just tell a story or describe something by not using what Judge Judy says is a "filler word." The person who put this word in the English language is the same fool who decided "like", "ain't" and "you know what I mean" where a good idea.
  41. bad abbreviations

    by mta I cannot stand when the word "chicken" is abbreviated as "chix." And, for some reason, the surname "McCracken" just really bothers me.
  42. there are so many - where to start??!!

    by S Smith What irritates me? that people say God bless America instead of God bless the world; that people don't value truth and don’t tell the truth; that politicians prey on fears instead of issues; that police cannot figure out how to solve crime; that prejudice & sexism still exists; that America is run by men who were given life by a woman; that our court systems are so backed up that convicted innocent people sit in jail due to red tape; that people don't get a jury by their peers; that juries can't see the truth and get bogged down with minutia even though they are instructed to use their good judgment and life experience; that America gives large sums of money to other countries but has children homeless and hungry right here; that there is no affordable housing in America; that the American dream is often realized by non-Americans; that Veteran's children don't get free college; illegal immigration; and the US not enforcing the law speedily; that Congress doesn't have an age limit or set # of terms!
  43. Mobile Phones

    by Anise One of my pet hates is when someone is being served by a Sales Clerk but is on their mobile phone. They don't have the time to interact with this person who is trying to politely serve them. Wouldn't it be polite to just say to the person on the other end of the phone, "Just give me a moment," or "I'll call you back in a minute," it's just good manners.
  44. Basically. . . .Upspeak

    by Robin The modern phenomenon of "Upspeak". This is when the person speaking raises the tonality of their voice, usually at the end of a sentence. It turns declarative sentences into questions, annoyingly! Sometimes the speaker might be seeking conformation from a listener but it's often completely overused to the extent that every word coming from an cronic upspeaker is just infuriating! It comes off as quite patronising too in most instances. For E.g. "I'm just going to the #STORE to get some #SODA.", yes, I know what a store is, I know what soda is, thank you very much! Wikipedia notes various labels for it: "high rising terminal, also known as uptalk, upspeak, rising inflection, or high rising intonation" A side note, I loathe when people use the word "basically" all the time too. It basically just really basically annoys the hell out me! So basically, if you put the #TWO together, I basically might burst into #FLAMES! But then again, live and let live . . or Upspeak. . . Basically.
  45. The unexplained plans of life...

    by Debby I truly believe the things that really annoy me are when people judge you and try to make you feel bad. I myself have an illness and have been told I cannot work. Well that annoys me as surely if I want to work, why shouldn't I? I know I have a rare lung disorder which doctors have no idea how to treat or what it can do. I got annoyed when I was told I was unaccepted to work because of my age, which is in my early 50's. I have been put on a pension, given drugs to ease the pain but am annoyed as I am bored out of my mind. Also I get annoyed when people repeat what they say all the time, this phrase 'you know what I is saying man,' and they get the job with no proper english spoken and never having gone to school, I went to college, raised 6 kids all by myself and yes was married to a drunk who I left for a better life. So when I get annoyed and people throw it in my face, it makes me more determined than ever to get that job. So go for the plan and ignore the annoying people of your life. Thanks!
  46. Sense of Entitlement

    by Heather My biggest irritation in life is that people, especially the younger generation, has a huge sense of entitlement. They want things handed to them with little to no work involved. Another thing that really grates my nerves is when there is a news story or a major event in which people always feel the need to somehow insert themselves into the situation. For example, there happens to be a bad car accident, robbery, fire, or basically any other incident that receives news coverage, it never fails that people will say "oh my and to think I almost drove there today" or "I go to that store every Tuesday that could have been me". It's so annoying. The world does not revolve around you. I don't understand why we as society can not empathize with victims without somehow trying to bring the focus back to ourselves. It may seems silly, but guarantee if you pay attention to these situations I'm speaking about, you will notice multiple people trying to be the center of attention. Phew! That's a lot
  47. What happened to, "If you break it, YOU BUY IT!"

    by Linds Judy, To your January comment about what infuriates me, I'm putting down, "If you break it you buy it!" I rarely lend my things to others because usually whatever it is doesn't come back the way it left. I'm a big fan off your show and I constantly see many of your people who sue against each other not paying for damages and stolen property when clearly they Morally should, but don't because they don't have to, hence the Judge Judy show of course! My raised me to believe, "If you break it, you buy it," and I've always lived by it. It infuriates me that some people get off with a technicality and don't even offer or take ownership of their wrong doing, especially when they take advantage of someone's kindness. I know that the law is black and white, as it should be. I just wish that more people were driven by a moral obligation to do right by others than themselves. Linds
  48. you ask us to tell you what irritates us...

    by Betty 1. When people answer a question with a question 2. When people double talk 3. When someone tell me how I 'should' feel.. or 4. When someone tells me .. "I know what you're thinking" . 5. When you go to visit a friend and 1/2 the time you're there, they are on the phone 6. When someone will only text you and never pick up the phone to call. Well i'm sure there are more.. but these are off the top of my head. You asked . LOL
  49. Labeled Easter Eggs

    by Heather I have 3 small children and therefore I have participated in my fair share of easter Egg hunts. Nothing irritates me more than having to write the children's names on the eggs or having each family bringing a certain amount because it has been predetermined how many eggs each child gets. I watched my daughter get her set number of eggs and then quietly sit down while everyone else finishes getting "their" eggs. My son, ONE time, was in no hurry to grab anything and was so disappointed. The next time he hustled like his life depended on it and had a basketful of eggs. If our children don't know what it feels like to lose, they'll never want to win and will just expect everything to be handed to them. Everybody doesn't get a trophy...only the winner does!!!
  50. Loud Cell Phone Conversations on Public Transit

    by Linda The public transportion experience in NYC is full of irritations, but the one that bugs me the most is people who seem to think they are in their livingrooms instead of on a bus or train while talking on their cell phones. Loud, sometimes vulgar, dumb, irritating yakking while others are trying to relax, read, have normal conversations, etc. One man actually got up and was walking back and forth on the bus while taking to a co-worker on his phone. A lady who was braver than I, yelled to him "Sit down and shut up! You are not impressing anyone. If you're that important, they'd have sent a limo for you and you would not be on this bus." Bwahhahaha. She sounded just like Judge Judy!
  51. Land the Helicopter, Mom!

    by Sylvia I had a 12th grade student who clearly was not doing what was necessary to graduate high school. I requested a conference with his parents. His mom told me that her son never had homework and that was possibly why he was failing. (Nevermind her son wasn't doing classwork or homework.) I assured her that her son had homework every day and that all studens had an "agenda book" in which they were to write down their homework assignments. His mom said, and I'm quoting..."Henry is not good at writing things down. Can you write his homework in his agenda book for him."
  52. I'm a woman; don't call me a guy

    by Roxana Above title says it all, but I'll elaborate oh-so-slightly here. "You guys" means "you male persons." "You gals" means "you female persons." Why is this concept so hard to instill in even low-level thinking folks? I think we're still stuck in prehistoric days when "all men" pretended to mean "all folks, whether female or male," or when a female author was an authoress...or when Judith Shieldlin might have been considered a "lady judge"--or worse: A "judge-ette." Gosh. I'm not a guy. No woman is. ~Thanks for listening.
  53. Movie Madness!

    by Deborah I'm sitting in a darkened movie theater (my great escape) and the person 2 seats down checks her phone every other minute which turns on the phone light, distracts me from the movie and basically TICKS me off. Happens every time I go to the movies!!!!
  54. Stupid Is Forever

    by Heather I am a young mom, 25, two children under the age of three. What really grinds my gears is stupidity. I lost my mom at 16, so Mrs.Amazing, you really have been a positive role model in my life. " Beauty fades, dumb is forever." I will never live my life one day without that Judyism running through my mind. Much like you, my blood pressure rises, as well as my eyebrows when I here stupidity, lack of common sense, or even worse, lack of morality for our fellow human beings. Every time I get to see you on air, I am able to predict whether a person is plain stupid, or just hard on their luck by the way you react with them. Especially that eyebrow raise... I hope one day I have the chance to see your show live, Until then, thank you for being a solid, good old fashion role model for us girls in an age where "anything goes."
  55. Just the Facts

    by Karen People who dive into a conversation with a terribly uninformed opinion; a sound bite they heard on the news while getting dressed for work then expounded upon once at the water cooler. Upon further questioning their eyes glaze over and you realize you've been duped; they know nothing about which they've begun speaking and the hard to repress feeling of rude retort has to be choked back!
  56. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

    by Randall Hello Judge!! 1. I would be more than happy to tell you what irritates me. The number one offender on my list is excuses! It is like nails on a chalk board when people go in to these stories of excuses of why they can't, don't or won't do. The words "i cant" are really translated "I wont". 2. People who think that traffic signs do not apply in shopping plazas. When one is driving in a plaza, stop signs turn into only "suggestions". 3. People who tell you how hard they have had it in life. OH PLEASE! Because life is so easy for everyone else? Get over it! Those are my pet peeves. I hope you can relate and get a laugh out of them. Thank you.
  57. Scratch Off Junkies

    by Dale I get irritated when I go to my gas station and I'm behind someone buying multiple scratch off lottery tickets while redeeming the one they have. I've watched people actually start to scratch off their new ones while they were holding up the line. That's when the Judge Judy in me comes out and I say "How about being considerate enough to allow me to pay for my gas". The last time I saw this happen a lady was arguing with the cashier saying she never got the $10 from her winning ticket, which of course wasn't true.
  58. me, me, me.....

    by viola Unfortunately I have more than a couple friends who talk about themselves and their families 99% of the time. It seems like they're just waiting for me to be quiet so that they can continue on with their story and all I gave them was a subject to pontificate upon. This irritates me to the point where that person is slowly being phased out. This makes me sad because the older we get the harder it is to find kinships. Oh well, so be it.
  59. Space Requirements

    by Lori Good Evening, It really bugs me when people have no concept of space and the space requirements within a specific environment. For example, at the grocery store folks who place their cart in the middle of the aisle or in a busy walk way a group of people will stand socializing and blocking others access. I am a part of a crowd control team at a large facility and we see this all the time and have to corral people into a more appropriate area or into an organized line. The offenders will often voice protest to moving or insult the crowd control operation. I wish people would see the importance of crowd control and how much it is tied into emergency management.
  60. Please hold that door!

    by Trese How many times have I seen someone walk through a door without looking back to see if anyone else is there? Are we all really that busy? How about a good morning when someone says good morning to you? And lastly, it not just your road. It's everyones road. We are not all going to adjust our speed because you decided to come out today. I'm just sayin...
  61. You cannot do it.

    by Devin My name is Devin, an I am a Junior in college. I have a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. I become extremely irritated by individuals who have said to me, "You cannot do this or that, because you are "disabled". What a bunch of crap! Any person with a brain can do anything they want. Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." The only person who is able to tell you that you cannot do something is you. Judge Judy taught me this, I've been watching her since I was eight years old.
  62. Two Things that Irraitate Me...

    by Emilia The first thing that really irritates me is when people adopt a pet (dog, cat, bird, etc...), then when they realize the responsiblity involved they either mistreat the animal or abandon them :-(. The second is when people throw or leave trash on the ground. Especially, when I see them throw things out of their car windows; cups, fast food bags, cigarette butts, etc...). It's like they think the world is one big garbage bag. It just makes me shake my head (smh) and think, now who do they think is gonna pick that up. I have more, but I thought I'd stop there :-). Thanks for asking, Judge Judy. I really appreciate your wisdom. We need more judges like you. ET
  63. Robo Calls

    by Terri Not too long ago, despite having our phone number on the Do Not Call list, we would receive the occasional unsolicited call. This was annoying but nothing compared to the current unending Robo calls received on a daily basis. Were it not for Caller ID, I can only imagine how irritating and peace destroying these calls would be.
  64. The land of the free because of the brave

    by macey It irritates me that people think that members of the military get constant freebies while in the service. My son was in the Army. Every piece of clothing he wore, he had to pay for. He was required to pay for haircuts and was automatically charged for 3 daily meals whether he went to the mess hall or not. The pay is terrible. My son is home now and goes to the VA for treatment of PTSD ( he was in Iraq). The fact that our vets must wait for months for appointments and surgeries or treatments. Our disabled vets must fight for disability pay. I have seen vets without limbs denied. Our government should be embarrassed. Our citizens should be outraged. These men and women have signed a blank check for their lives to keep this country and it's citizens. Freedom is never free. It is paid for with the lives of our military.
  65. Christmas time.

    by Sarne I am never a person to rush like a mad woman.Come the hectic routine of the last few days to xmas day I get shoved-pushed-cursed and when reaching for the last item on the shelf that I have trailed endlessly to find a dozen hands reach for the same thing.The fat-the skinny-the tall and forget the small person as they don't even see me.My neighbour has nearly killed me running down the aisle because she forgot something.And the very day of xmas you are taking the rubbish to the bin and those around who were half killing you have the cheek to say MERRY XMAS.Remind me to take my own step ladders next time
  66. Irritate Me

    by Tammy The soldiers who go over sees and dedicate their lives everyday for our safety and when they return home what benefits do they receive? I don't believe they receive the benefits a veteran should receive for what they sacrificed. I believe they are promised certain things and when they return the medical care, and other things for example are little to nothing. It needs to be changed.
  67. Things that irritate me

    by Andreea Hi Judge Judy. You really are an inspiration. You motivate me!!! I have a thought that I wanted to share with you. I never knew how lazy men were until I started working with them and I never knew how good I was within the working place until my skills were compared to other people's. What irritates me at work is when people do not do their job like they should and what I find amusing is that a young lady such as myself has to set example for individuals who are older than my parents on how to behave within the work place. I find that shameful !! I do not want to be misunderstood, I do not have anything against men but I cannot tolerate disrespect. I have always been the one to speak my mind but when I do or women in general do it people tend to find interesting definitions to describe her BUT when a man speaks his mind he is assertive and he is a leader. You have given me more confidence to speak my mind and work hard for what i want to achieve. Thank you for that !
  68. Express Line check out

    by Jennifer I went to Walmart and had only a few things to check out. The woman two people ahead of me pulled out a stack full of circulars and coupons, then argued about the total until a manager had to fix it. Total time waiting: nearly twenty minutes. I walked up to her when she finally got checked and pointed to the 15 people (I counted) standing and waiting for her. " Do you see how many people you inconvenienced? This is an Express line! Go to a regular line next time!" This is an example of me, me, me.
  69. Starers

    by Ryan I can't stand people who just stare at me, even though i'm minding my own business. and it always seems to happen to me everywhere I go. People especially males and older males will just stare and depending on my mood i will stare back or just ignore them but either way it just irritates me. I am a guy also. people tell me they are just jealous because i'm probably better looking than them, but i just don't believe that haha. i think maybe they want to fight since I am short but yea like I'm out looking for a fight yea right. Other things that bother me are people who go through a double door on your side of the door. So when you open the door they come through like kings and queens because they're to lazy to open their door which they're supposed to go through.
  70. Whining Single Mothers

    by Ian When single mothers think that they should be excused from everything from not paying what they owe or have special privileges. I raised 3 children by myself by working and being with them. When I was not working, I did not always like the job I had, but that's life! Two of my children are college grads and one served in the army as I did. P.S. and shame on the fathers who are not there for them.
  71. Therapy at the Post Office

    by Ms. Betty Your Honor, no one hates to go to the post office more than i do. I used to work in one, so i have seen it all. What irritates me is customers who come in to try to send a package and the package is not properly labeled, taped, missing forms/paperwork, etc. Not only do these people hold the line, but they seem to be oblivious to other people waiting their turn. Often they want to tell you their life story or where the package is going, what it is, where it was bought, for whom, etc. Then there are those who relish in having the post office worker do it all for them, as if they were completely helpless and clueless. Sometimes there are customers who just want to talk, be heard for 5-10 minutes while they pretend to want to buy stamps and they take their sweet time choosing which type of stamps to get. Ridiculous!
  72. Left hand turns

    by Sheri It drives me nuts when I'm on a two lane road and the person in front of me pulls to the right side of the road to make a left turn. Blocking anyone's ability to go around them while they're waiting to turn. It IS LEGAL to pass on the right on a two lane road. It's like they're saying, "no one will proceed until I am able to". They're the kind of drivers that cause road rage.
  73. Be careful who you give parenting advice to...

    by Adiaha Judge Judy you are my Shero!! I take issue with adults who make rude comments to parents that have children acting up in public. I am a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, and I care for children with significant developmental disabilities and behavior problems. My patients include children with genetic disorders, Autism, intellectual disabilities, etc. Many of my patients have behaviors that they can't help and are very difficult for parents to control. A number of their mother's have tearfully described encountering incredibly rude people who try to tell them to calm their child down when the disabled child is having a complete meltdown at Target that no one can stop. The mothers describe how embarrassed and humiliated they feel. Some remain silent. Others speak up and explain to the jerk that their child has a disability. I want to say, "Listen Jerk Butt! Why don't you try raising a child with a severe disability!" Be supportive...not an a**.
  74. Raining on others' parades

    by Susan You're wearing a new dress to the party, and feel very pretty. Your friend "Rainer" says, "Why did you waste money on that thing? You're only going to wear it once and then it's going to sit in the closet. It's the wrong colour for you anyway." You got the promotion! Rainer asks you who you had to sleep with to get it. Another friend is going through a tough time. Rainer criticizes the other friend, making it seem as though that tough time is the friend's fault. You're pleased with an achievement. Rainer lists a whole lot of people who have done better than you. If you're feeling great, Rainer makes comments designed to make you feel bad. If you're feeling bad, Rainer makes comments designed to make you feel worse. If you object, Rainer looks hurt or angry and tells you that she's only trying to help you. Rainer, Rainer, go away!
  75. Disrespecting English Language

    by Connie Since Grade 5 in school, Ive respected written English instilled in me by my teacher Mrs. Hayes. She believed in my talents and encouraged me to do well in English and Writing. She often complimented my cursive hand writing. What irritates me is the laziness in spelling used today. For example, Because =cuz. Cool=kool to name a few. When I see this on public ads, I get so irritated. I worked hard in school to learn English and spell and write properly. Today, it isnt taken too seriously. Mrs. Hayes has since passed on, but she made a strong influence on me. I just wish it meant more to folks today!!!
  76. Have a Good Day

    by Ella It is 9:00 at night and someone says have a good day. I remark there are twenty four hours in a day you are short changing me. Instead of sucking a piece of candy, this dude is sucking the partial in his mouth. When your visiting the family and the girl brings her boyfriend and lays all over him. Some people want a reaction and so they say horrid things. When we get free food from the food bank and some people show no gratitude. Men who give you a hug and then extend their hand to your buttocks. People who refuse to tell the truth when they were present when the incident occurred. Men or women who won't apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. When going to a public pool and the patrons won't shower before jumping into the pool. People who just won't be themselves. by Ella
  77. It's not my kid

    by Justin It really Irritates me when parents fail to accept the fact that their child has done something wrong. While lifeguarding at the pool I work at I informed a parent that I observed their son hold another kids head underwater, her response was it was not my kid, even though myself and 2 other people saw the kid do it.

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