What Would Judy Say?

Well-known for her aversion to all things 'computer', Judge Judy is finally dipping her toe into the water of the information age by creating What Would Judy Say®?, a forum to exchange ideas on various social issues.

She does so for a couple of very important reasons, first because so many people have asked her to, and secondly, because some of life’s lessons that the Judge has learned over the past 40 years can best be exchanged in this format.

More importantly, this is the best way for Judge Judy to hear from you.

Her Honor introduces topics for your consideration. The topics will address issues that affect our everyday lives ranging from romance and pre-nups to sock money and stepchildren. If a particular subject speaks to you and touches you, chances are it speaks to other people. This site is the place to hear what Judy would say and for you to say something back! Please share your life story or experience with the Judge.

Ultimately, Judge Judy thought it would be interesting to collect some of your stories and marry those with hers to create a new series of books. They would be short books that could be read in a day or two, but that offer up a life lesson or a little advice that can last a lifetime. Her Honor’s goal is to help people negotiate and really enjoy what is supposed to be this wonderful journey of life.

Do you have stories to share?

Maybe your life experience could help guide a stranger or help a friend.

Judge Judy has her listening ears on.