Episode Thirty Nine

It's not me...it has to be you!

Dec 2nd

It's not me...it has to be you!

by Tim

Roadrage is something that is growing to be bigger and bigger, more violent and more frequent. But with many things, is it really the people on the road, or you who sits behind the wheel? As I have learned many times and in many situations, we as people who have issues with road rage do not truly know how to deal with the things that life throws us. Did I get into a fight with my wife or husband before I left the house? Did I not give myself enough time to account for traffic? Am I a high-strung person to begin with and everything I do tends to set me off? Along with all those things, people have not been taught how to appropriately deal with the curves life throws at them. They do not know that person in the other car, so they just vent their frustration. I have built-up anger from my boss firing me, and I'll take it out on someone else. I have learned that if someone is constantly bickering, angry and upset, it is not the car beside them, but the inner battle they have with themselves.

Dec 2nd

Judy says...

Judy says...the intensity and frequency of road rage has increased over the years, and it’s worth taking a look at to understand why.

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