Episode Thirty Nine

Why All The Road Rage?!

August 29th 2014

  • Road Rage Shock!

    by Patricia

    I drive to and from work everyday and I am shocked by the driving behaviors I witness and how people seem to just not care because it's all about them. So many people drive without any regard of their…


    Nov 9th

  • Put down the cell phone while driving.

    by Kevin A.

    One major cause of road rage, is when drivers are not paying attention to what they are doing. In most cases the culprit is the high tech phones they are on. Whether it is chatting, texting, or looking…


    Sep 21st

  • These Days

    by Lavell

    I think there is more violent road rage these days because in some ways life is much more stressful and unemployment is astronomical and everything is adding up which causes people to SNAP! by the way…


    Sep 13th

  • The Source of Road Roage

    by Terry

    Anger and not knowing the other person. People are so quick to jump to anger. I don't like confrontation, but get me in a car and something happens and I'm quick to get angry and words start flying (not…


    Sep 3rd

  • Road rage, music and television...

    by Taylor

    One of the contributing factors to physical road rage is all the music out there and violence on television that tells people that the answer to beat someone up when a problem arises. There really is…


    Aug 31st

  • reason

    by gary

    the reason for the road rage and behavior of people in our society today is because parenting is not as disciplined as it should be,discipline is crucial in life to teach you respect for others around…


    Aug 20th

  • Pro Active Solution for Road Rage

    by Donna

    Yes I, like Judge Judy, do remember when road rage did not exist  and if it did it was more than likely 2% of the total road traffic back when I was young and driving. Respect, you will not find…


    Aug 7th

  • My theory of why we have so much road rage.

    by Melani

    It appears to me that slight things are setting people off. People in America are territorial. Don't invade my space. People desire and are willing to die for violence as much as their desire for food…


    Jul 29th

  • Anti-rage

    by christie

    It's certainly easy to see those in a hurry these days. I leave for work early enough to be able to stay just under speed limit. Most drivers do get annoyed, calling me a "goody," however my job requires…


    Jul 29th

  • Road Rage

    by Patti

    Try driving in Costa Rica -- if you have road rage issues you would so get over them. Everyone drives crazy, you get cut off, passed in no passing zones, tailgated and beeped at for not turning out fast…


    Jul 14th

  • Most mistakes are just that...mistakes

    by Dani

    I was at a gas station, waiting for my turn at the pump when the lane next to me became available. It was dark and even though I checked my rearview before backing up, I heard honking behind me and stopped.…


    Jul 10th

  • Why all the Road Rage?

    by CARMEN

    I think there is so much road rage because people are now living more on edge There are more demands in life and a lot more stress and people just tend to snap instead of taking things in stride.


    Jun 29th

  • How I Handle Road Rage

    by Norma

    I have had many encounters with road rage. The worst for myself was when I was followed by the rageous other driver for several miles. I did not want this person to follow me home, so I drove to the police…


    Jun 19th


    by Fran

    I think it's a lack of respect for each other. More people are only concered about their own life and not that of another. 


    Jun 17th

  • Why all the road rage:

    by Brendan

    Firstly, I love your show Judge Judy. The common sense ,wisdom, logic and humour you display in classic! Why all the road rage?: I think it's down to a number of thing... a. Breakdown in basic manners,…


    Jun 13th

  • Not being accountable

    by Briggie

    Today, it's always someone else's fault. People do not take ownership over their actions. They look for someone else to blame. They do not fear punishment or retribution because someone in their lives…


    Jun 7th

  • road rage + new technology

    by Sheila

    I think a lot of it is due to people living their lives with all the new technology we have access to now days, and being so caught up that we forget other people matter and that everything isn't always…


    Jun 6th

  • Road Rage

    by Charlene

    I agree with you Judge Judy, I think people in general don't have any morals at all. I'm 64 and was raised in foster homes and a Baptist Children's Home. I thank God I was taught a lot about respect,…


    Jun 5th

  • Lack of Self-control

    by Linda

    Judy, in your courtroom I see that the majority of your cases involve people who have shown a total lack of self-control....whether in a relationship, spending habits, after drinking, and certainly on…


    Jun 4th

  • No one cares anymore !

    by Ken

    Nowadays there is no respect there once was. It seems that the kids today that have grown up were spared the rod and have become spoiled. There is no respect for the elderly, and those youngsters MIGHT…


    May 31st

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