Episode Thirty Three

My Hero. My Mom!

Feb 13th

My Hero. My Mom!

by Rose

My mom all through my life. Even when we did not see "eye to eye". Was always such a positive role model for me! She came from a severe abusive homelife, as a child. Her husband's were abusive, mentally, as well as physically. My mom was told by the family MD. To put me in a "home" because they believed I was spastic, and delayed. My mom. Taught all 4 of her kids to read, write, and basically we were ahead of many of our classmates. She worked, long hard hours. Mainly as a waiteress, to take care of us. My problem is the following: Since my mom died in 1998. My Sister, as well as my older Brother. Have gone into this whole LIE regarding how horrible and trashy she was! It breaks my heart. I want to know how to stop the slander that falls from their mouth! I love your show! I was studying to eventually get my Law degree. I have Parkinson's, so please forgive the TYPO'S! You rock Judge Judy!

Feb 13th

Judy says...

Judy says...a simple call from my 6th-grade teacher made all the difference.

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