Episode Thirty Three

Who Inspired You?

February 13th 2014

  • WHO should inspire us?

    by Lee

    Between Judge Judy and this fellow - we should all be headed in the right direction: "There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult." ---Warren Buffett


    Jun 27th

  • People who define me

    by Shirley

    When I was growing up the person who define me first was my mom. She did everything to help my dad put a roof over our heads and food on the table. My mom, a grand old soul, baked goods for people, help…


    Apr 5th

  • Who inspired me?

    by Kelly

    Ever since I was a little girl, I've had learning disabilities. People (other students, teachers...) didn't really try to help me learn because I learned differently and I needed explanations for everything…


    Nov 10th

  • A True Family Friend I Will Never Forget

    by Kate

    I had a family friend who had breast cancer three times. It came back for the fourth time which was in the summer of August 2012, she was trying to fight for a fourth time, then after it became the New…


    Mar 26th

  • Substitute Teacher

    by David

    In seventh grade, my family moved to a different part of the school district. I quickly learned that a substitute teacher I had known since first grade lived nearby. She and her husband wanted someone…


    Mar 24th

  • A Foster Care Child, A Special Teacher

    by Aaron

    1999 was a harrowing year for me. I was five years old, and had been the only child taken from a family home of two brothers (one of them, my twin) and mother. Foster care was a daunting place, and rejection…


    Mar 20th

  • My inspiration..

    by Chris

    I had a college professor who taught comparative anatomy and laboratory. She noticed during lab that I was using a scalpel to dissect versus scissors as the rest of the students. A few days later, she…


    Mar 13th

  • Having Good Caring Inspiring Folk in Life

    by Amatullah

    As a young child I was always care-free and loving. I felt special because of the love and attention I got-not necessarily from my mom and dad, but from others, like my first grade teacher who gave me…


    Mar 10th

  • My Sixth Grade Teacher

    by Janice

    His name was Mr. Hawkins. I'll never forget his name or the kind deed he did for me when I was a student in his class. I had not been in school for about a week because I didn't have shoes to wear. I…


    Mar 9th

  • I am a fighter because of Mom

    by Cheryl

    My Mother was my inspiration because she was a fighter she never gave up, My Dad was a hard working man but he had some medical conditions that made him very ill sometimes, My Mom being the fighter that…


    Mar 8th

  • Teacher's Niece????

    by crystal

    My sixth grade teacher was an elderly, unmarried lady named Miss Martin. She gave stern looks and demonstrated a no nonsense attitude that did not allow any disrespect or chaos in her class. Throughout…


    Mar 6th

  • My Daughter

    by Michelle

    Growing up outside of Detroit, Michigan was not easy for my family. We seen alot of heart ache and hardships. I was the fifth child out of six siblings and my parents had their hands full. My mother suffered…


    Mar 5th

  • Pivotal Moment in My Life

    by Michele

    In 2009, I was 42, divorced, and worked in the same dead end job for over 10 years. I thought to myself everyday, "Is this it? Is this why I wake up in the morning?" During that time, my 70 year old uncle…


    Mar 3rd

  • Flippin burgers

    by Charlene

    When I was 16 I decided to quit school. I thought I knew it all. I was sure I was going to be a success story and start my road to riches NOW and not wait 2 more years to graduate. Plus I was too smart…


    Mar 3rd

  • Sit down you can't dance!

    by Elona

    As a child I knew I was different! I was painfully shy, but would love to dance. On one occation a family member told me to sit down because She thought I could not dance she laughed and laughed. I cried…


    Mar 1st

  • Attitude Adjustment

    by Cindi

    One weekend my best friend and I decided to take a little road trip to the beach. We had both been under a lot of pressure and needed a breather. I had known my friend for about 5 years and found that…


    Feb 28th

  • Grandma's Tough Love

    by Viola

    Who inspired me; at the age of 40, I found myself reflecting on that very question. I was raised by my grandmother ( who reminds me of Judge Judy). This was no easy feat for her because she had health…


    Feb 27th

  • your smile

    by Jeanne

    I was working my first office job in beautiful downtown Lorain, Ohio. I would do the banking. As I was walking back to the office, an older gentleman stopped me and proceded to go on about what a beautiful…


    Feb 26th

  • Finding My Calling

    by Karen

    I was in my first semester of college, at the top-rated Drama Program in my state. And hating it! All I had ever been interested in was the theater and my bubble was burst... One day, I was approached…


    Feb 25th

  • A young teen learning that their opinion is valid

    by Thora

    Was in the 8th grade, female students were still required to take home ec, had my moment in time. Our home ec teacher was probably told to economize. she had us "watered down" everything we prepared.…


    Feb 24th

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