Episode Thirty Three

Who Inspired You?

February 13th 2014

2.07 mins

I wanted to talk to you about that defining moment in life that changes us, where everything seems to come together. For me, it was my 6th-grade teacher, Irving Bernstein. He was a charming young man probably no more than 40 years old, (although he was ancient to me as a 6th grader), and I remember a week that I was out sick for a few days, and we received a call at home. Well, kids don't usually receive calls at home from their teachers, and it was Mr. Bernstein. He wanted to make sure that I was fine and coming back to school because he said I was a really special student. I knew I wasn't academically or athletically gifted compared to other kids in my class. In fact, Mr. Bernstein was probably just being kind, but he put into my head that I was special, and it really made all difference. I was wondering if you have a special story or moment that inspired you, something that clicked in your life because someone did something wonderful for you in some way. Perhaps your story can inspire someone else. Do you have an inspirational story to share? I'd love to hear it.   

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Judy says...a simple call from my 6th-grade teacher made all the difference.

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