Episode Twenty

Court Unfair

Nov 8th

Court Unfair

by Cheryl

My husband was married to the devil!!!! She decided after being married that she wanted to be with her old boyfriend. She walked out of the house and left my husband with their child who was about 1 years old. He set up babysitters and took care of him until the wife found out he hired a lawyer. She went to the police station and said she feared for her life and needed my husband removed from the house. So the police went to house told my husband he had to leave. He left and she moved in with boyfriend and she decided to keep the child because she knew she would get child support. Well fast forward 20 years later. My husband has paid $880 a month for 20 years and she hasn't worked a day!!!! She got medical and food stamps from the state. Nails and hair always looked great but she didn't even buy the child a winter coat!!!! She refused. My husband bought those things as well. I think courts are not fair!!!! They always side with the mother, and the support went to her!!!

Nov 8th

Judy says...

In matters of custody, mothers and fathers should be treated equally by the court.

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