Episode Twenty

A child needs 2 parents!

Jan 6th

A child needs 2 parents!

by Lori

My husband recently found out that he may have had a child with an old girlfriend that he was with before we met. She moved away right after they broke up and he never seen her again. It wasn't until a friend of hers ran into my husband that she said "I can't believe you never come to see your kid" did he even have a clue he may have had a child with her. He didn't even have a phone number for her anymore and all he had was the child's first name so, he contacted the court house in her area for birth records to see if his name appeared on the birth certificate. They said he had no rights because, his name didn't appear on the certificate. There should be a law that a mother must disclose the father at birth because. It's unfair that this child is now a teenager and never had a chance to even know his father and our children never had a chance to meet their sibling. Every child deserve's to have two parents regardless if those parents love each other anymore!

Jan 6th

Judy says...

In matters of custody, mothers and fathers should be treated equally by the court.

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