Episode Twenty

Who Gets Custody?

March 7th 2013

  • A child needs 2 parents!

    by Lori

    My husband recently found out that he may have had a child with an old girlfriend that he was with before we met. She moved away right after they broke up and he never seen her again. It wasn't until…


    Jan 6th

  • Equal rights for both parents

    by Susan

    I believe if both parents are fit people, they should both have equal custody. "Mother/Father" shouldn't come into it. If a parent pays maintenance, they should see their children without issue. Although…


    Jan 3rd

  • Equal is not always right

    by Jennifer

    I personally have not had to battle for my children in court, but I have recently had two dear friends experience it. In Virginia the courts seem to favor the father. It's disturbing to know that you…


    Jan 2nd

  • Stable parent

    by Greenbean

    I have a friend who divorced. She was left to raise three teenage boys. She was the more stable parent and responsible one. The father was out reaping his oats. The boys acted out from not having dad…


    Jan 1st

  • I know you are always here

    by Ann

    After our divorce it was obvious that my daughter's father was going to be more absent than present. I never said anything bad about him, because I knew above all else, that child loved her daddy. While…


    Dec 31st

  • The sometime parent

    by Bruce & Janet

    Equal custody is great for the children if you have parents that truly share this responsibility. But I think more often than not, one parent is not around an equal amount of time. Maybe work, or location…


    Dec 30th

  • The whole truth

    by Michelle

    First and foremost I totally respect Judge Judy. I watch her sometimes four times a day. This gives me enjoyment yes..but also I learn from her. I give my opinion based on my life. I have 3 children.…


    Dec 29th

  • Who gets custody

    by Jane

    My daughter and her ex-husband had a son. Divorce happened and my daughter was granted sole custody of their son. Father was supposed to pay child support and did for several years. Suddenly when the…


    Dec 28th

  • common sense

    by Bonnie

    I like how Judy sets 'em straight, Too many women have kids with guys they hardly know. I've no court exerience in this matter. As long as a parent doesn't have drug addiction or mental illness, kids…


    Dec 27th

  • Who gets custody

    by Samantha

    I think it depends on the parents. In my experience, when I was married, I did everything for our daughter, my husband didn't do one thing for her. He ignored her, he pushed her over when I wasn't looking,…


    Dec 25th

  • Child Custody

    by Nico

    I don't envy the judge who has the burdon to determine who should get custody of a child. From my personal experience, my dad beat my mum up, so he could have my sister and the family court gave him the…


    Dec 24th

  • Mommy and Daddy rolled into one!

    by Cheated out of child support

    I was divorced many years ago when my daughter was very small. My ex husband immediately quit his job in spite and declared bankruptcy and even though he left the marriage with an MBA and was immensely…


    Dec 23rd

  • 2nd wives cause more trouble than they help

    by Judy P.

    I'll keep it sweet and short. When women get married they want to be the main focus of attention; they want their husbands to see them as smart and reliable. The problem with being a 2nd wife is if the…


    Dec 22nd

  • All are not equal under the law

    by Sad Grandmother

    Love your show, agree with you 95% of the time. But all families are not the same and it bothers me that the law does not look at each case individually. Have heard you say "You picked him" While true,…


    Dec 21st

  • When Mom doesn't have it together.

    by Becky B

    I went through a custody battle when I was in a bad place in my life. At the time I couldn't believe I didn't win custody of my daughter and her father did. Looking back at my life then and seeing how…


    Apr 30th

  • The Safe and Fair Way To Share our Kids

    by Debby

    I had a drunk of a husband who I left after years of abuse. Here in Australia, if the partner who has to pay child support is on a pension or unemployment they only have to pay $21 a month for all the…


    Apr 5th

  • We're one family who got fortunate (so far)

    by Anne

    I have custody of the children (now 14 and 13), because their dad works swing shifts and I work days while they are in school. No matter what the court said, he sees the kids on weekends and entire weeks…


    Apr 3rd

  • Deadbeat Dad

    by Toni

    My stepdaughter had a baby out of wedlock. She lives out of state from the rest of her family. Although the father acknowledges his fatherhood, and sees the baby, he is pretty much a deadbeat. The mother…


    Mar 25th

  • Serving soldier

    by Michelle

    My son was in Iraq and his ex took the kids got full custody and he was told he had no rights. We have not seen, although we have tried, our two grandsons in over two years. My son is also not allowed…


    Mar 20th

  • Parental Alienation!

    by J

    I endured a 13 year relationship with a woman who never committed to our relationship, participated with monthly finances or supported MY relationship with our daughter. After asking my 'now ex' to participate…


    Mar 18th

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