Episode Thirty

What Makes A Good Parent?

October 31st 2013

  • What Makes a Good Parent?

    by Tracy

    I have two daughters, and I knew from the day my first was born that I only had approximately 18 years. In the spectrum of life that's not much time. I worked full time but, spent every free moment I…


    Apr 23rd

  • A Good Parent.

    by Tasha

    A good parent does not have to have all the money in the world. Being a good parent does not mean buying your child everything he/she WANTS. However, you do have to be able to provide everything your…


    Apr 10th

  • Here's What Miss Manners Thinks...

    by Lee

    Having only been a parent to Canines and Felines since I've spent my life as a Humane Society activist, just wanted to pass on some advice I read from someone quite smart also.. which sounds about right…


    Dec 19th

  • From being a terror to a grown up success as Exec

    by Lauren

    My son was a late talker who began speaking at 15 months. To make matters worse, his first word was "hammer". I was mortified and revealed my shock.. I tried to forego the speech lessons, understood that…


    Dec 16th

  • What Makes A Good Parent?

    by Nobody special

    ADOPTIVE PARENTS are the BEST in my book, considering we live in an OVERPOPULATED world today. Now those are deep and truly humanistic people in my book..........


    Dec 15th

  • A good parent should.....

    by Frank

    Make sure their teenagers learn their GRANDPARENT'S texting symbols to show respect and they can really communicate: -ATD - At the Doctor's -BFF - Best Friends Funeral -BTW- Bring the Wheelchair -CUATSC…


    Dec 11th

  • The opposite of good parents

    by Gaye

    When my son was 5 years old we bought him a "Green Machine" for Christmas. This was a low to the ground all metal pedal driven race car. He raced that thing all over the neighborhood. It came up missing…


    Dec 8th

  • Inspired to do the right thing...

    by BRIAN

    I'm a bit off topic and on topic, I will keep this brief. Judge Judy has inspired me to do the right thing, not be a part of the legal system but to completely turn my life around. Which I think is important…


    Dec 7th

  • Hold the child

    by Mary

    Acknowledging your child letting them know you 'see' them is a parent or carers most important job. I work on child protection and I have seen parents shower their children with the latest this and that,…


    Nov 27th

  • Encourage the Child's Mind

    by Debby

    I had six children and as a parent I always encouraged them to be an individual in their own right. When they completed their schooling I always said find what you are good at and run with it, don't settle…


    Nov 24th

  • What Makes a Good Parent comment

    by B

    Respect for your spouse and respect for your children makes a good parent. We always had rules that had a reason. We always explained why our child was being punished and we also praised them when they…


    Nov 23rd

  • Always teach your Children to Believe in thier Dre

    by Anna

    I have two children, one boy and one girl. Their personalities are each different. We have instilled in our children "Honesty is the Best Policy" We hope they heed our words! I have also taught our children…


    Nov 22nd

  • My parents/My Self

    by Danelle

    My mom and dad lost two of their five kids due to accidents - 20 years apart. The 2nd child to pass away was my brother, from drinking and driving, when I was 13 and he was 17. What I learned from this…


    Nov 21st

  • Common Courtesy Isn't OldFashioned,Just Not Common

    by Beverly

    I will never forget teaching my young sons what I call "the seating hierarchy." I had three sons and we were the first to arrive at a place which had limited seating in the waiting room. We all sat down,…


    Nov 19th

  • I'm Not That Bad!

    by Matthew

    Ever wonder what happened to the kids after they mature into adults with so many problems? When tragedy visits them due to their misdeeds (hurting others, prison, etc.) you then hope it will finally straighten…


    Nov 18th

  • Pay attention

    by Noreen

    I had a Nisei RN mother who practiced "Keep their minds occupied and their hands busy" with her 5 kids born in 6 years. When I was a teenager I would often argue with both my parents about politics, current…


    Nov 18th

  • It's a life-long job!

    by Kathy

    Children need to be nurtured mentally, emotionally, and physically. BE there for your children. LISTEN to them. Be active with them. As parents of 5 children, we never had money to take yearly vacations,…


    Nov 16th

  • Independence is the ultimate goal, physical and me

    by Ann

    I agree with Judy. Part of my job is to educate my children to ensure that they have a skill with which to support themselves or their family. Another part is to teach them how to behave around others,…


    Nov 15th

  • Where did I put that pesky kid manual again?

    by Candace

    As a working mom of three boys I am always in a state of guilt and question... "Am I doing this right? Can I do this better? Will my kids need therapy when they grow up because of me?" It's not easy being…


    Nov 14th

  • Good parenting

    by Jane

    In my opinion, what makes a good parent is the same thing that makes a good person. Being true to the values you know are acceptable and teaching those to your child. Being a valuable part of society…


    Nov 11th

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