Episode Thirty

What Makes A Good Parent?

October 31st 2013

4 mins

In this video, I answer a question suggested by fans: What is your primary responsibility as a parent? I think that once you’ve taken on the obligation of having a child, you are responsible for making sure that child grows up to be the best human being he or she can be. Many parents today are overprotective, helicopter parents who miss the target by overscheduling their child instead of figuring out what their child is naturally adept at and encouraging them to do those things. Hopefully, those things will turn into a passion for something that they can take as a career or vocation and become successful adults. Equally important I think is setting an example for your children and teaching them the right way to behave in a community. What guiding principles do you live by as a parent? Maybe your story of success (or failure) could help a fellow parent in a similar situation. Tell me your story.

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Judy says…help your children find their way by discovering their passion and teaching them how to behave in a community.

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