Episode Forty Two

"You sir, are deranged"

Feb 1st

"You sir, are deranged"

by Colleen

This was just today. I am new to facebook. I'm 50, so it isn't because I am 'new to the planet'. I am reconnecting with my family after many years. I have been on this social media venue, not even a year yet. I made the mistake of offering my lighthearted take on a political issue. Someone who is 'friends' with one of my brothers took to his keyboard and said, "you sir, are deranged" my response was, "First off, I'm not a sir....I'm a ma'am... I invite you to disagree with me, but please save the name calling" It is unbelievable the love people have for their singular opinion. I have learned that once you stop learning, ignorance sets in. If you believe you are right and never look past your own nose, how can you enrich your life or experiences? The solitude that goes on now has a great deal to do with that. Being behind a monitor emboldens people to the point of ruthlessness and cruelty. Its as if that computer or whatever mess they tap out their crap on is a Superman cape.

Feb 1st

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…if we all got together, we could make the world a more civilized, caring place.

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