Episode Forty Two

What Irritates My Sister Susie!

Dec 10th

What Irritates My Sister Susie!

by Mark

Recently, I visited my developmentally-disabled younger sister. She was belly-flopped on the sofa watching her afternoon of Judge Judy. Often I find "Judge Judy 4-4:30" notes stuffed in her purse. Always the brother, how could I miss an opportunity to share?! I mentioned that Judge Judy is rude. Well, she was incensed. I never saw her this angry. She had attended a Catholic girls' school in Washington, DC. Often, she told of girls sitting in the school office because they misbehaved or were "rude". Sister Susie, (she's not a nun, we're Jewish, she is my real sister) wasn't going for criticism of Judge Judy. Sitting up, she yelled, "Judge Judy is NOT rude!" "Oh yes she is," I said. Whoa! Now Susie was screaming. I was ready to concede. "Ok" I said. We sat quietly. A minute passed. From the TV came "Sir you are an idiot!" I thought, thank you Judge Judy! I looked at Susie. "See," I said. Judge Judy's loyal fan wouldn't concede. She just grumbled and kept watching.

Dec 10th

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