Episode Forty Two

Self Awareness and Authenticity

Oct 1st

Self Awareness and Authenticity

by Jason

Its really quite upsetting that, normally, offenders of not having these two skills sharp and keen for use multiple times each day. What's more is that those with little self awareness or authenticity, normally, are unaware of their crime!! When you are self aware, you are mindful of how all of your actions effect those around you. As a general rule, hopefully, you are someone who wishes to be seen in a reasonably positive light by others. If the idea of the opposite occurring doesn't unnerve you then you should think about self examining how likable you are, or at the very least ask the few people who have remained close to you what they think of you. Authenticity goes hand in hand with Empathy. There have even been studies that place a dollar amount on the level to which you can be empathetic (as in during salary negotiations for employment). It effects every aspect of your responses to everything. Both are so huge, yet so many have no clue they are chronic offenders!!

Oct 1st

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…if we all got together, we could make the world a more civilized, caring place.

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