Episode Forty Two

Pit Bulls without Papers!

Nov 5th

Pit Bulls without Papers!

by Loretta

Peety was a Pit Bull (Little Rascals fame) but that was long before the ignorance of drug dealers and the "Get rich quick" schemes of the lower classes. No one ever addresses how it is that Pit Bulls got to be so dangerous. Folks seem to be too busy defending their dogs behavior like proud parents. Truth is they've been inbred by those too ignorant or greedy to pick up a book on breeding. Brother to sister or mother and son. As any breeder will tell you, once that happens, the strain continues generation upon generation. And that's how we get Pit Bulls who are wonderful and loving and sweet and obedient until.........they're NOT! I don't own one. Never have. I just believe if more folks knew this, and still absolutely had to have one, they'd get one with Papers and a long life line to reference. You've got the platform. Please inform the masses.

Nov 5th

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