Episode Forty Two

Not a good friend

Feb 1st

Not a good friend

by Perry

I purchased a firearm from a long time friend of mine. He needed money so he gave me a deal on the gun. He was living in Arizona when he purchased the firearm, and in AZ, they don't require a FOID card. I purchased the gun thinking I could register it where I lived, but the gun, if it's bought private party in my current state, both parties need a Foid card to buy it legally. I told my friend that I would sell the gun back to him for the same price, and he said that's fine. He paid half the money, and in the last month he said once his wife gets paid from her job he'd send me more money. I haven't seen a dime yet. I have text messages from him saying that the money is coming, but to no avail. He's not retuning my text messages or phone calls. I came through for him when he needed the money, he should do the same for me. That's my story. Thanks, Perry

Feb 1st

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