Episode Forty Two

My sister and her boxes!

Nov 1st

My sister and her boxes!

by Lucrezia

Ok, I admit my whole family collects things, but my sister Anne is beginning to irritate me. Mainly because she collects things, puts them in boxes when she has lost interest and then stores the boxes at other people's houses. For example, she used to live at my mother's home for some years about 5-8 years ago, and she had a lot of items. When she moved out, she put the items in boxes and left them at the house. Promising to move them out when she got her house sorted. About two years ago, my mother decided to let my other sister move into the house, so she told Anne that the boxes had to go. I foolishly said that she could store the boxes at my old house which was at the time for sale. 'Just for a few months,' she said. About 8 months later, the house sold, and I had to move not only my items but her boxes also into my new home, so that the house was empty. Now I have lived here in my new home 14 months, and the boxes are still here!

Nov 1st

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