Episode Forty Two

Judge Judy Grammar

Nov 22nd

Judge Judy Grammar

by Sarah

I have been dying to get my pet hate in for ages! My annoyances come straight from the shows of Judge Judy! And it's bad grammar, I watch from the UK and am constantly irritated by the simple fact that people don't know the difference between 'lent' and 'borrow' and the strange use of 'ax' instead of 'ask.' We notice that most of the litigants try to speak like the Police and when trying to use legaleze, they dont understand they totally make up words. But my favourite by far is 'conversated' which we found hysterical the first time we heard it, but were then amazed when we heard it again and again! We are waiting for it to be in common parlance and in the Oxford English Dictionary! I am not great at written english and have not much idea about split infinitives and such, but I was brought up to speak correctly and so when I hear bad grammar it screams to me. So I am delighted whenever JJ corrects them but disheartened when it goes straights over their heads.

Nov 22nd

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