Episode Forty Two

I Hate Chimes

Nov 8th

I Hate Chimes

by Jane

Five years ago, a neighbor hung up a set of chimes that could be heard all over my property and inside my house. I asked him to take them down, and he began a course of harassment. I took him to court and sued him for the loss of quiet enjoyment of life (learned from Judge Judy, thank you!) stalking, harassment, punitive damages, pain and suffering, invasion of privacy. Result: $5000.00 judgment for the plaintiff & and cease harassment order issued by the police department. He then appealed and lost the appeal, I will be taking him again for continued loss of the right to the quiet enjoyment of life, unauthorized use of my real property air space, punitive damages and more. It's about time people stopped complaining about these private nuisances and did something about them.

Nov 8th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…if we all got together, we could make the world a more civilized, caring place.

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