Episode Forty Two

Don't Let Anyone Define Your Worth

Oct 7th

Don't Let Anyone Define Your Worth

by Louie

I've always let people define my worth. I was never taught how to stand up for myself. I was always taught, there's someone out there who is always better than me. Which may be true, but neither was I taught, "Hey, there are things that you could be good at too". Worst of all, it was my family who taught me that. Although the essence of the message was to strive for the best, it was unproductive. After reading your book, I was most touched by your advice and I think I found it most relevant because I am a recent law graduate. I'm usually the kind that lays in bed and wonders "What am I getting up for?". I'm 24 years old and finally pulling myself together. Now I get up to show others I'm not as dull. I've got a brain too, and I hold on to every piece of advice you've ever given to those who value it. So now when people tell me "You can't do it", I think to myself "Who are you to define my worth?" Mrs Sheindlin, thank you sincerely!

Oct 7th

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