Episode Forty Two

What Irritates You? Part Two

January 30th 2015

  • "You sir, are deranged"

    by Colleen

    This was just today. I am new to facebook. I'm 50, so it isn't because I am 'new to the planet'. I am reconnecting with my family after many years. I have been on this social media venue, not even a year…


    Feb 1st

  • Not a good friend

    by Perry

    I purchased a firearm from a long time friend of mine. He needed money so he gave me a deal on the gun. He was living in Arizona when he purchased the firearm, and in AZ, they don't require a FOID card.…


    Feb 1st

  • What irritates & saddens at the same time

    by Candace

    My mother, rest her soul, could have been your twin Same hair style and color, same no nonsense personality. Growing up, I could not get by with anything. Thank goodness, because I really tried hard.…


    Sep 8th

  • My mother....

    by Dwight

    When she tries to drive and read a paper map, telling me she is confused and unsure of where she is going. That irritates me (and scares me a little as well...)!


    Aug 21st

  • Phone Walkers

    by Pamela

    I fell and broke my arm (which was also due to a phone, but that's another story!), and while on the sidewalk with my son supporting me, a woman came walking along while scrolling on her phone and had…


    Aug 17th

  • People in Authority Not Held Accountable!

    by Danelle

    From major corp's that steal their clients hard earned money (life's savings, pensions etc.), Teachers that have sex with students. Politicians notorious for their opinions or beliefs (often morally superior)…


    Aug 13th

  • Road Rage

    by David

    I am routinely cut off or someone jumps ahead of me just to be one car-length in front.Not that I drive real slow, just that I'm in someone's way.As a Catholic Christian, I always want to be as close…


    Aug 7th

  • Incorrigable Liars

    by Janine

    One of the many things we seem to agree on, is people who lie either to hide the truth, or to impress for whatever reason. Now, perhaps we don't want to tell someone they don't "smell too good." Better…


    Jul 21st

  • My Generation

    by Heather

    It seems that with each passing generation, we care more about feelings than we do about common sense, responsibility, and simply doing what is right. I hear people complain about it all the time, yet…


    Jun 23rd

  • Renters

    by Ida

    It bothers me that my 6 renters always pay their rent late. They have their cigarettes, beer, pot...I'm always the last person to get paid...doesn't matter the lease agreement they signed for late fees.…


    Jun 15th

  • Manners

    by A. Jamison

    I come from a background that believes you are only as good as your word. Thus I believe, if you tell someone you're going to do something then by God you do it. I've a friend of 10 + years & she's more…


    Jun 15th

  • Today's Parents

    by Martha

    It is so sad when you run across a child who says please and thank you and it really stands out. It is so rare these days. When I was a kid (I'm 60), kids were taught manners and respect. You respected…


    May 29th

  • New York Subway Etiquette

    by Barbara

    Why must people stand in the subway doorways, EVEN WHEN THE DOORS OPEN! Why must some play their music so LOUD YOU CAN HEAR IT RIGHT THROUGH THEIR EARPHONES! Why must some guys spread their legs so WIDE…


    May 27th

  • Chewing gum

    by Sandra

    it irritates me to no end when people are chewing gum. They pop it and crack it and even blow bubbles. I'm referring to adults. It is difficult to speak to someone when they are smacking gum. Recently…


    May 23rd

  • Words to fill up sentences

    by Kristen

    I absolutely hate the word "Basically." It burns my ears when I hear it. There is no excuse for using it. Can't people just tell a story or describe something by not using what Judge Judy says is a "filler…


    May 17th

  • bad abbreviations

    by mta

    I cannot stand when the word "chicken" is abbreviated as "chix." And, for some reason, the surname "McCracken" just really bothers me.


    Apr 21st

  • there are so many - where to start??!!

    by S Smith

    What irritates me? that people say God bless America instead of God bless the world; that people don't value truth and don’t tell the truth; that politicians prey on fears instead of issues; that…


    Apr 14th

  • Mobile Phones

    by Anise

    One of my pet hates is when someone is being served by a Sales Clerk but is on their mobile phone. They don't have the time to interact with this person who is trying to politely serve them. Wouldn't…


    Apr 10th

  • Basically. . . .Upspeak

    by Robin

    The modern phenomenon of "Upspeak". This is when the person speaking raises the tonality of their voice, usually at the end of a sentence. It turns declarative sentences into questions, annoyingly! Sometimes…


    Mar 30th

  • The unexplained plans of life...

    by Debby

    I truly believe the things that really annoy me are when people judge you and try to make you feel bad. I myself have an illness and have been told I cannot work. Well that annoys me as surely if I want…


    Mar 24th

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