Episode Forty Two

What Irritates You? Part Two

January 30th 2015

1.04 mins

I got a real kick out of reading some of your stories about the things in life that other people do to really annoy you. I think that my next little What Would Judy Say book is going to be all about the petty little irritations that frustrate everyone; I know I learned some things from reading yours. Maybe if we all got together, we could make a more civilized world, a more caring place where one person actually cares about whether their actions affect the comfort of their fellow community member. What is it that we do to disrupt that sense of caring and civility toward each other? Dig down deep and think some more about what those things are that really bug you. I’d love to hear all about them!

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Judge Judy says…if we all got together, we could make the world a more civilized, caring place.

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