Episode Thirty Six

What Builds Confidence in a Child?

May 15th 2014

1.22 mins

I was asked recently what's the greatest gift a parent can give a child. I think the answer is confidence, real confidence based on a child’s natural skills. I’m not talking about every child getting a medal for participation. I’m talking about a parent, in their nurturing process, making sure a child feels good about themselves. I think confidence should be built by nurturing a skill that your child has naturally, either professionally, sports-related or musically, so that your child builds up that good feeling about who they are. When they feel good about themselves as children, they’ll feel good about themselves as adults, not only professionally, but socially and as a member of the community. What do you think builds confidence in a child? I’d like to know.

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Judy says...

Judge Judy says... building confidence in a child is the greatest gift a parent can give.

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