Episode Nineteen

Wedding Debt Dilemma

February 21st 2013

  • Great wedding on a small budget

    by Retreadbride

    I don't recommend the courthouse because a friend got married in a JP's office that was covered with taxidermied animals. Get the JP to come to your house! Many will. Generations of people got married…


    Jun 24th

  • Amazing wedding

    by Melodie

    We decided to get married in the winter just before we moved into our new house. We called a minister and she invited us over to her house to do the ceremony. We went to the city and picked up my parents…


    Jul 21st

  • Not the wedding I wanted!

    by Jane

    I never wanted a huge wedding. I had my vows on the water, and a small reception at a private club, around 50 people, catered by a local grocery store with a cake from a local bakery. My wedding dress…


    Oct 31st

  • More Important Things

    by Deanine

    There is nothing wrong with a big wedding, that just wasn't the right thing for my husband and I. We were married at our small church with one of our pastors doing the ceremony and two witnesses, one…


    Oct 30th

  • Wedding Story

    by Charlotte

    We were supposed to get married on June 10, 1967 in Las Vegas but my husband's aunt, who was a legal secretary in Las Vegas, knew a famous judge who had married Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow and his name…


    Oct 29th

  • nice wedding...no debt

    by Pattie

    When my husband and I got married, we set aside what we could afford for a wedding and stuck to that amount. We had a very nice wedding on our budget. so years later when our daughter was to be married...we…


    Oct 28th

  • Four Weddings

    by Bonnie

    Áll four of our children got married in a 3-year time span. One had a Cathedral crremony with 300 guests-the next a river cruise with jazz in for 50 in NY-the next a destination wedding in Costa…


    Oct 27th

  • Our parents were logical and we accepted

    by Eliza

    When I got engaged to my husband, our parents gave us two options Both are what most people would consider comfortable, not rich comfortable. A big wedding with all the trimmings (I'm an only daughter…


    Oct 18th

  • Every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings!

    by Matthew

    I started out with that story title, because it came from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", which is a story about about getting by with a little help from your friends (among other things). Even the…


    Oct 6th

  • Weddings on a Budget

    by Margaret

    Twenty-eight years ago, my husband and I got married. This was our second marriage for each of us, and we found a nice little chapel with a woman reverend that has the reputation of no one divorcing after…


    Sep 19th

  • Weddings


    When I got married, it was sort of rushed, so it wasn't quite what I would've wanted. My folks paid for it, being the parents of the bride. There were tons of 'cuts'. When we renewed our vows six years…


    Sep 18th

  • Big Bang, not so much big bucks

    by Cheryl

    Hello Judge Judy, My first wedding was in 1992. My husband and I decided to pay for it all ourselves and have a wonderful day. It was my birthday which made it extra special. I bought a gown off the rack…


    Sep 16th

  • Sure Thing

    by Carole

    My husband's grandmother made my wedding dress. We asked people if they could mostly give us money gifts to travel, to discover where we might want to settle down for wedding gifts. My Maid of Honor and…


    Sep 14th

  • Cheap, but effective, wedding

    by Robin

    My husband and I got married on July 15th of last year. We had originally planned on July 28th at a local park (we rented a picnic shelter and were planning to the ceremony and reception there). Then…


    Sep 13th

  • Wedding #4

    by Andrew

    My first wedding to my high school sweet heart was a simple judge thing for $300 (that included rings). We were young; it lasted 30 days. #2 also was simple, at the pastor's house, again, CHEAP. it lasted…


    Sep 12th

  • Long engagement

    by Wendie

    My husband and I dated for 11 years. We had two children but I wouldn't marry him until he proved he could keep a job. When we finally got married, we pooled our money and had a nice church wedding for…


    Sep 9th

  • Our wedding

    by Tsafi

    I'm an Israeli, and my hubby is English. We met on a kibbutz in Israel when he was a volunteer over there. We got to know each other, became good friends and gradually fell in love. Then we went to England…


    Sep 8th

  • Paid in cash!!!

    by David

    My wife and I were engaged for about 18 months. During this time period, we paid off all of our credit car and auto debt. We then paid for everything wedding related in cash. We paid for it little by…


    Sep 7th

  • It's not about how much you spend!

    by Teresa

    My husband and I were both in college when we got married. We were so poor I couldn't even afford a wedding ring for my husband. My father, who is a dentist, made it for me out of dental gold. I guess…


    Sep 6th

  • Wedding

    by Connie

    My husband and I were together for eight years and eight months before we were married. We both had been married before and I had two children from my first marriage. I promised them that I would not…


    Sep 5th

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