Episode Six

Till Divorce Do Us Part

August 8th 2012

  • Shouldn't have married in the first place!

    by Judy (not Judge Judy)

    I've been divorced for 2 years now. The divorce was amicable and the ex and I remained friends....until he got engaged, then he turned into a total bleepity-bleep! He's in contempt for not paying spousal…


    May 28th

  • Divorced and still friends

    by Heather

    I was married for eight years and although getting divorced was not an ideal situation, and it was tramatic for my three young kids, it was also the best thing to do. I had tried for over a year to make…


    Jul 19th

  • There is life after divorce

    by April

    We love you Judy and not just for your TV show. I realized while watching your interview on "Katie" that we were right on about you. You talked about divorcing your husband and then remarrying him. This…


    Jan 2nd

  • Nothing Like An Upgrade

    by Lorrie

    I married & divorced in my 20s---after 6 years, my 'educated' husband was a verbally abusive & under-ambitious 'mama's boy' who was less mature than our toddler. When he repeatedly lied about…


    Dec 10th

  • Marriage is supposed to be forever.

    by S.

    I always thought marriage was supposed to be forever, but found out the hard way, that's only if both people want it. My ex was more interested in his married co-worker than he was with me and our kids.…


    Oct 8th

  • Divorce! Don't be 'okay' with Domestic Violence.

    by Kara

    I left an abusive and violent situation 8 years ago. I was married for 26 years. The situation escalated so badly that I had no choice but to leave. I divorced my husband and a month later, he was killed…


    Sep 14th

  • Unbearable marriage became manageable...

    by Mary

    I have been married for 25 years. Three years ago, things seemed unbearable. My husband is a man of few words, and I felt I was being used as a housekeeper to him and our children. I went for a divorce.…


    Sep 13th

  • My lucky day, 7/07/07

    by Meliss

    At 24, I married a highschool friend. I did it for the wrong reasons. Trust your GUT. Two days prior to the wedding I called my mom and told her it didn't feel right. I didn't feel the way I should. I…


    Sep 13th

  • Hang in There

    by C.

    I've been married to the same man for 35 years...no it was NOT easy. We dated a mere seven months before marriange. Some would say that's too soon. He asked me three times before I said yes. During the…


    Sep 10th

  • Wish I Knew Then...

    by Daci

    I was 19 when I married my first husband. This was back in 1958. What would anyone know at that age? In that day about what goes on in the mind of a man? I had no clue about the fragility of the male…


    Sep 7th

  • Divorce 15 years later...

    by D.

    I decided to divorce 15 years ago. Being on my own with my then young children seemed less dangerous than staying with my increasingly "angry" husband. My ex did not want the divorce and resents me to…


    Sep 1st

  • How Can I Let Go....

    by Catalina V.

    For nearly nine years my husband and I shared a life together. He is the best that had ever happened to me. I owe him who I am. He is the only man I know who professes his love, not by words, but by his…


    Aug 24th

  • There are no winners in divorce!

    by Katherine

    I can remember my attorney trying to convince me to sue for some items from our home--stupid stuff, like our bed and a print that probably wasn't worth $50, but would have cost me hundreds, if not thousands,…


    Aug 23rd

  • Rocky Marriage, Amicable divorce

    by Alan

    My marriage got off to a rocky start the day after the wedding. Almost eight years and one son later, it became a loveless marriage. I became very withdrawn until the day she came home and said she wanted…


    Aug 22nd

  • 16 years later

    by Sarah R

    My husband and I were married 5 years before our son was born. I was working evening shift, he decided to stay home with our son and go back to school for an Art Degree. Unfortunately, we grew apart and…


    Aug 21st

  • ...And Know They Love You...

    by Michelle

    Why are the days of "till death do we part" so revered? What is to be revered about holding children as hostages in an unhealthy relationship? Shouldn't divorce be considered an alternative in good parenting?…


    Aug 20th

  • No one told me...

    by Rhonda

    After almost 30 years of marriage I one day said, "Why am I doing this?" I asked for a divorce. We agreed on whom got what and that we wanted our son to be comfortable around us so we would be friendly…


    Aug 19th

  • Hope Sweet Hope

    by Valerie

    First of all, I am a loyal Judge Judy fan. Common sense and reading people are qualities I greatly admire. After years of being a single mother of two, I finally married the most wonderful man man I have…


    Aug 19th

  • Divorce Impact

    by Pauline

    Did I want to be divorced? No. However, my husband did and short of chaining him to the house, he left and wasn't coming back. I thought he was a 'good enough' dad or person but I was wrong. I was married…


    Aug 18th

  • Ugly!!!!!

    by K.

    I was married to my first husband for over ten years. My first beating was after we were married for two years. A month after that beating, I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to try to work things out,…


    Aug 18th

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