Episode Thirty Five

Teens Suing Parents for Support: Is It Right?

April 17th 2014

  • Completely wrong!

    by Natalie

    I'm from Australia and I'm only 19 years of age, currently enrolled in University (College), even though I'm classified as an 'adult' I still listen and am controlled by my parents just as much as a 13…


    Mar 27th

  • Teens suing their parents

    by Julie

    Hello Judge Judy, I am shocked the judge in question ruled in favor of the child. No, I do not feel parents should be forced to support their child once they leave home. My daughter left our home a few…


    Dec 21st

  • Independence!

    by Sharon

    When I lived in my parents' home, I not only followed rules, had chores(that means you're part of the household and you give back). When I wanted to set my own rules and be independent I moved out. Independence…


    Sep 21st

  • World gone mad

    by sue

    Children wanting support when they leave home??? Crazy..help them yes, but if you want to venture on your own, better get a job to support yourself. A Cosby show episode portrayed it beautifully.


    Sep 16th

  • Support thy self

    by Florence

    If a child feels they don't want to follow the rules then they are free to leave. I had a sign in my kitchen when my children were growing up the read "Now that you are a teenager and if you think you…


    Sep 8th

  • Children leaving home and suing parents.

    by Stephanie

    I agree with you! If the parents are providing emotionally and physically, then the children should not be allowed to sue. What has happened to our children? It amazes me sometimes their hatred and disrespect…


    Jun 28th

  • Teens Suing Parents for Support, Is It Right?

    by J.M.F.

    I do not have a story, just an opinion. If a child makes the decision, for whatever the reason, to live outside the home, they do not have 'the right' to sue their parents for 'anything'! It is appalling…


    Jun 16th

  • No brainer

    by Stacia

    Thank the stars I never had children so I can only guess how I would react. I am very close to your age, Judge Judy, and this is a no brainer. If you are of age and do not like it in my home - MOVE -…


    Jun 2nd

  • Pity the Baby Boomer Parents

    by LMaurer

    We have so many helicopter parents "hovering" over their children that I know some parents are more than willing to take on their kids financial hardships. I disagree 100%. These hardships are what teach…


    Jun 2nd

  • Child suing parents are wrong unless.....

    by Arthur

    Hi Judge, I am strongly disagree when teens are suing parents for their own advantage and to please what he/she wishes. Parents have been working all their life to support their children from when they…


    May 14th

  • The Never Ending Mission of Parents

    by Margaret

    It is my belief that children did not ask to be brought in the world, therefore parents should have a game plan for them at all times. Most parents expect their children to behave appropriately at all…


    May 13th

  • Supporting grown kids

    by Sylvia

    Once I was grown and out of the house, it would never have occurred to me that my mother (a single parent) owed me anything else. In the early years she would occasionally give me a few dollars or a gift…


    May 12th

  • Out on Their Own

    by Suzy

    When I graduated high school at 17, my mother took me to the doctor and the dentist for checkups. After I got a clean bill of health, she said "You're on your own now!" I was expected to find a job and…


    May 11th

  • Should children sue for support

    by Sharon

    Absolutely not. If a child does not want to follow the rules of the parents and they want to move out then let them move out and try to find a way to support themselves. When they find out that they can't,…


    May 11th

  • Should Kids Be Able to Sue Their Parents

    by Margaret

    As a psych nurse with over 20 years of experience, I frequently counsel adolescents who cite their parents as the villains in their life - holding them back from having fun, trying to "control their lives"…


    May 8th

  • Think Long and Hard my child...

    by Linda

    I worked and raised two girls without a great deal of financial support from my former husband. I popped them on their butts, grounded them, made them get a job when they were 16 years old, and compelled…


    May 6th

  • Teens suing parents...

    by Fran

    I was a single mother of 3 boys. I was extremely strict on them. In my opinion, an adult's responsibility to the under aged of the world is to teach them on each level what is expected of them when they…


    May 5th

  • Get a J. O. B!!!!!

    by Sheila

    I started working at the age of 13 so that I could buy some things my parents couldn't afford. When I graduated from high school, I got a job before enrolling in college and paid my parents rent.....the…


    May 4th

  • Teen Suing Parents for Support

    by Phyllis

    I think this is outrageous. Once you leave the house bye bye. I feel that you shouldn't support them unless they're in college trying to do something for themselves. My parents would have knocked some…


    May 3rd

  • Tough Love to Teen Wasting Resources!

    by Genevieve

    We have always told our son, "As long as you live in our house, you will abide by our rules, regardless how old you are." Well, our teenage son went through a time when he felt he could be wasteful with…


    May 2nd

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