Episode Forty Three

Whistle While You Work

Feb 15th

Whistle While You Work

by Don

I'm a happy guy. Almost always positive at work; smiles & laughs at work while busy! One of my 1st jobs out of College, I was 21. Just met the love of my life. We both got hired for a $3/hr job at a Hospital Kitchen. Happy to be working with my girlfriend. You don't want to be apart one min when you are young and in love! 15 min into 1st day at work washing dishes, I was whistling a cheery little song with all the noise of a busy kitchen. My Mgr came up to me, stern look and said: "We do NOT whistle" at work!" Stunned, I stopped. And thought. 5 min later, both my girlfriend & I took off our aprons, Gave them to the Mgr, and SHE was shocked! I said, "if I can't be happy at work, we quit." And happiiy walked out on the job, hand in hand! Is this responsible? No. Point being, we spend 1/3rd of each 24 hr day at work. Why be miserable? 40 yrs later, I am still one of those people with a positive, cherry attitude at work, who helps the whole team keep smiling and productive. Be happy!

Feb 15th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…I hated my first job but was lucky enough to finally find a job I loved.

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