Episode Forty Three

My Dream Job - Being A DJ/Video DJAY

Oct 4th

My Dream Job - Being A DJ/Video DJAY

by Alvin

I have always been a very animated and creative person. At one point in my life as a child, I said that I wanted to be a fire fighter. I think that was probably because I loved fire engines, even though I don't recall having owned a fire engine as a kid. I was just learning about what I wanted to do. One of the funny things that I remember as a child, around the age of 8 or 9, was telling my mother that I kept wishing and dreaming that I would wake up and be a grownup overnight. I had always been fascinated with computers since I was in high school and the Microsoft Office 97 suite was how they taught us at school on how to type. Fast forward, I was 26 I think and I had come home from the gym and I had this old IBM Thinkpad a friend had given me. It was a laptop. It was really slow, but I learned how to keep it working smoothly so that I could use it effectively. I had this DJ software I had been playing around with and I think I found my niche. Since then, I am always creating music.

Oct 4th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…I hated my first job but was lucky enough to finally find a job I loved.

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