Episode Forty Three

Fight Your Fear!

Oct 25th

Fight Your Fear!

by Justine

Hi Everyone, I have been in a relationship for the past seven years, and I finally left him. I walked out. The reason why is pretty simple - we didn't have mutual plans for the future, and he was looking for other options outside of our relationship (now I know). We had continued living together, and it was a horrible experience. I'm an immigrant coming from Poland and living in the UK. It was very hard to leave this person and start up again (2nd start up in my life, first was building my life in UK) but I managed to change my job in the meantime and started to control my life again. I helped him put his life together and continue my career in the meantime...and what was the reason for me to stick around for so long? I was afraid and am still, but I managed to do more for myself than ever before, and I'm damn proud. It's not that scary once you do it. Fear somehow melts down along the way, and I'm learning to overcome it every day. I'm doing things for myself, and let it be this way!

Oct 25th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…I hated my first job but was lucky enough to finally find a job I loved.

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