Episode Forty Three

Do what you love!

Sep 17th

Do what you love!

by Charlotte

I started off working in law - first as office junior, then secretary and until I had finished my first year of legal exec training, my salary stayed the same as when I sorted mail and photocopied about 3095232 pages a day. I took on a second part-time job working nights in a care home and swore blind it would be the first and last shift I ever did. I started work behind a bar and was sacked three shifts later for throwing food at rowdy guests. Not my finest hour I know but if you saw those horrible guests with buffet food dropping off them you'd appreciate it too. I would rather take a huge cut in salary, downsize our property and chew on a wasp before being made to carry on with a job I hate . I love what I do now but feel so bad for people who aren't so lucky and either don't have the strength or the option to quit. Do what you love!

Sep 17th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…I hated my first job but was lucky enough to finally find a job I loved.

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