Episode Forty Three

Be Intentionally Caring

Feb 22nd

Be Intentionally Caring

by Kollina

My first job was a love/hate relationship. At 17 years old I worked in a traveling booth at fairs/festivals for an airbrush artist. I learned a little about airbrushing, worked 12-14 hours per day, and made well below min. wage. I was thrilled to be working anyway, and saved every penny to afford to buy my first car. My boss was a miser, definitely a shady character, though he could be charming in a sleazy kind of way. He gave me such a horrible guilt trip when I told him I was done working for him, I walked away in tears. Thankfully I stuck to my guns and was able to hold it together until I was out of sight/earshot. I loved the work though, meeting new people and painting all day. I think the people you work for (or with) make a huge impact on the work experience. If you're surrounded with happy, caring people, you could be scrubbing toilets and still have a good time! The more happiness and thoughtfulness you can infuse in your workplace, the better it will be for everyone. =)

Feb 22nd

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…I hated my first job but was lucky enough to finally find a job I loved.

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