Episode Forty Three

Surviving a Bad Job

February 9th 2016

  • 2nd Degree/Career Pursuit

    by SherriJ

    I recently decided to go back to school to pursue a masters degree in nursing and become a NP. I am 28 years old and have JUST found my passion. It has not been an easy road and still isn't easy. I work…


    Jan 30th

  • follow your bliss

    by don

    I think I tend to want to follow the crowd. So when I was younger the mantra of the day was follow your bliss, do what you love and you will be successful. Some people do find the job they love. Unfortunately…


    Jun 24th

  • As my dad said...

    by Lori

    ..."I was looking for a job when I found this one." I've worked at over 20 different places, I've been laid off many times, and as long as I was flexible, I was able to find another job. I've never been…


    Apr 19th

  • Practicality or Happiness?

    by Rich

    My parents are immigrants from South Korea and they raised me in a very "conservative" way. My parents insisted that I choose a practical career path and as a result, I went to medical school after graduating…


    Mar 10th

  • Responsibility!

    by Missy

    I have survived my job because you have to work. Bills are not going to pay themselves. I don't really look at a job whether I like it or not. The question is, does it feed, clothe and put a roof over…


    Mar 7th

  • Surviving tiring retail...

    by Jeremy

    At 28, I went back to retail. My feet now hate me. I'm a current college student working for my future to become my reality. My feet scream through a graveyard shift into swing; the only thing that keeps…


    Mar 1st

  • Be Intentionally Caring

    by Kollina

    My first job was a love/hate relationship. At 17 years old I worked in a traveling booth at fairs/festivals for an airbrush artist. I learned a little about airbrushing, worked 12-14 hours per day, and…


    Feb 22nd

  • I survived and made it into a all men industry

    by Lisa

    Graduated from an Ivy League school with a major that jobs despise. At my first job, I was harassed by my employer and cried a dozen times. One day I decided to disappear from that job not saying a word.…


    Feb 16th

  • Whistle While You Work

    by Don

    I'm a happy guy. Almost always positive at work; smiles & laughs at work while busy! One of my 1st jobs out of College, I was 21. Just met the love of my life. We both got hired for a $3/hr job at…


    Feb 15th

  • getting old enough to know a few things..

    by sue

    I have been a singer/comedienne..a truck driver a coach driver ..I have run my own business..worked in a factory..worked in an office,,I now repair small engines etc for a big diy retail store..I am now…


    Feb 15th

  • A disappointment - UK

    by Boothroy

    After years of studying, poorly-paid jobs and hard work, I thought I had found my calling. I work in education and my passion has always been to work with disadvantaged SEN children. I got a job at a…


    Feb 12th

  • Disappointing job

    by Jane

    My daughter has a job she really doesn't like. It drains her emotionally, frequently. She has trained to be a yoga instructor but because it doesn't offer her enough financial security to be able to survive…


    Feb 11th

  • I loved all my jobs

    by Bunny

    I worked my way up from a printing company to be an excellent computer typesetter. I was even working from home up in Woodstock and punching a paper tape. Then I wound them up and sent them to NYC by…


    Feb 11th

  • Happy in my Job!

    by Marvin

    I am retired now but when I was working, I enjoyed my place of employment. Many todays do not say that. They are never satisfied in developing a working relation with the company they are employed by.…


    Feb 10th

  • 50 year old college kid

    by Colleen

    I had a job these last eight years that I thought would serve me well when I moved to New Jersey. I was fooling myself, of course. When you have to do something you know you must do, but you don't know…


    Feb 10th

  • Customer Service Gone South!

    by Juanita

    I worked customer service for years. I loved it as I love people, till I worked a call center. For 5 years I was threatened and screamed at by customers like I personally robbed their homes! Customers…


    Feb 9th

  • Surviving the position of a Nurse

    by Jane

    Nursing has become one of the most difficult jobs one can deal with. We do not have time to eat, drink, use the bathroom facilities, sometimes even to just take a deep breath. You cannot voice your own…


    Feb 9th

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