Episode Nine

Step-Parent Traps

September 20th 2012

  • Step Parent Traps

    by Bunny

    I married a man with two little girls. Their mother had a problem with alcohol. My own father abandoned me and my little sis. Grew up in a crazy family and left home right after high school. Coming from…


    Nov 9th

  • Step means take a step BACK

    by K10

    I love when Judge Judy tells stepparents on the show, "you have nothing to do with this. Stay out of it." It's true. In situations when children have two biological parents, the only thing a stepparent…


    Oct 17th

  • Getting Along

    by Jackie

    I am only 10 years older than my step-daughter, so I didn't try to take the place of her mom. I had respect for that. Now when she became a teenager, it did become hard not to fuss and I did fuss some.…


    Aug 2nd

  • A Step-Parent's Role

    by R.

    I am a step-child and now I am a bio mother and step mother. What my step mother taught me was that biology has nothing to do with parenting. When my own mother became a vile and hateful ex-wife, it was…


    Jan 22nd

  • Bonus kids - not

    by Lori

    When my husband and I got married 17 years ago we had 5 kids between us, ages 21, 20, 17, 11 and 9. His boys (21, 20 & 9) their mother was not in their lives and mine didn't have a father in their…


    Dec 2nd

  • Trying hard!

    by Tracey

    I love the statement, "Love your kids more than you hate your ex-spouse". The problem is my son's step-mom is very bitter and will not even accept my invitations for coffee. My only intent was for everyone…


    Nov 12th

  • Step parenting sucks

    by Sarah

    I am a very maternal person, but I don't seem to like my boyfriend's children. I know this is a harsh thing to say but after five years, I still can't take to them. When they come over which is quite…


    Oct 27th

  • Parenting Comes First!

    by Cheryl

    I was married for ten years and had two wonderful children, a girl and boy. After seven years of being single, I remarried. I said to my new husband, this is how it has to be, my kids and my ex are going…


    Oct 14th

  • Step parenting works for us!

    by Anna

    Judge Judy, I am 35 years old, and I have two boys from my previous marriage. They are now ages 16 and 12. I recently remarried and my boys really like their step father. I have a unique situation. My…


    Oct 14th

  • All Get Along!

    by Cindy

    My husband and I have been married for going on 7 years now. He has 2 children with his ex and I have 2 children with my ex. The secret is GET ALONG FOR YOUR CHILDREN'S SAKE. No one should have to explain…


    Oct 12th

  • Give it Lots of Thought!

    by Alan

    I have been married for 27 years to my wife. Her son was 15 when we got married. Despite our best intentions, step children lack the bond to step parents that they enjoy with their real mother or father.…


    Oct 11th

  • A Step-Mom's Role

    by Kristina

    More often than not us step-moms feel we have a say in our step-child's situation and I laugh when Judge Judy says "Sit down" we don't matter in child support, custody, he said she said situations...…


    Oct 10th

  • Know your role...

    by Glory

    My husband and I have been happily married for 9 years - both second marriages. He has 2 boys and I have two boys. My boys live with us and his with his ex-wife. The biggest thing I can stress, especially…


    Oct 9th

  • Loving the Child more than hating the EX.......

    by L.

    Our experience has been trying. When my husband & I met (both previously married), I had 4 sons (2 adults & 2 teens) and he had two teenagers. We agreed no negativetly in front of them and treat…


    Oct 8th

  • Burned in the end

    by K.

    My husband and I supported his 2 daughters for the past 15 years. They are now 19 and 21 yrs old. What do we have now? Nothing. No relationship, no communication, nothing. We did everything right but…


    Oct 7th

  • Stepmom, Real Mom

    by R.

    My parents divorced when I was 4. My dad married my stepmother soon after. She took the role and played it well. She was the only mother figure I knew, until I was in my early 30s. She prepared a home-cooked…


    Oct 6th

  • Keep Friends Close & Enemies Even Closer

    by Jeane

    So many times outsiders, even family court judges, will say, to a step parent, "you are not involved in this disagreement, because these are not your children". That's the most upsetting thing you can…


    Sep 30th

  • Step-Dad Success

    by Tracy

    I was 20 when I had my son. His biological Dad left me when I was about 6 months along in my pregnancy, then quit his job so I couldn't collect support and health insurance. This literally has been the…


    Sep 30th

  • Wicked Stepmom

    by W.

    I had 4 kids (2 grown, plus 2 preteens) when I married my husband. He had adopted his granddaughter at age 3; she was 7 when we married. Granddaughter had been neglected and abused by her mother and has…


    Sep 28th

  • Equal time for both parents

    by Lorri

    I believe that both parents have to have equal time with the children; however, this isn't the case anymore in the society that we live in. One takes over and the other gets kicked to the curb. This is…


    Sep 28th

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