Episode Thirty Eight

What happened to Thank You notes?!

Jan 30th

What happened to Thank You notes?!

by Linda

My eldest grandchild, 24, sends me charming hand-written thank-you notes for gifts I send her, and I am elated to receive them. My other two grandchildren, ages 19 and 22, used to use FB or email or texting to thank me, but now even that has fallen by the wayside. In 2018, then, my gift-giving is also going to fall by the proverbial wayside. If they can't be bothered to let me know my gift arrived (and is appreciated), then I can't be bothered to write those checks any more.

Jan 30th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says...we may be losing a little of our humanity when we depend on technology and social media to connect with others.

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