Episode Thirty Eight

Social Graces

Jun 12th

Social Graces

by Irmgard

Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives. I think we have lost personal graces because of it also. I see people on the phone while out to dinner with each other or in a group. How very sad. We have given up the only thing that separates us from the animals, verbal and facial communication. I firmly believe that it will destroy us, our humanity, our ability to feel empathy for each other. We are already seeing it with young people, the ability to look you in the eye is going away, no longer is a handshake an affirmation of ones promise and honor, we simply don't do it any more. I for one am happy to have grown up in a time when a look could stop me in my tracks or make me run into my grandparents arms. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it.

Jun 12th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says...we may be losing a little of our humanity when we depend on technology and social media to connect with others.

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