Episode Thirty Eight

Social Media: For Better or Worse?

July 25th 2014

  • Future generations missing out!

    by Diane

    I totally think our future generations are missing out on what we grew up with. Less human interaction and people forget or don't have social graces any longer because they aren't taught and don't practice.…


    Jul 25th

  • Level the Communication Plane!

    by C Higdon

    I have found, in relation to your communication video, that a voice on the other end of the phone is so much more pleasant. We are loosing our personal touch in this high tech society if all we do is…


    Jul 25th

  • connecting with friends

    by Joan

    I use email to send photos to family and friends and to let people in on really funny jokes and cartoons (not everything I get - just the really good ones). Still call and visit friends and let them know…


    Jul 25th

  • Disconnected!

    by constance

    Not so much a story but a feeling of being disconnected from whomever I am messaging or replying to. It loses so much humanity as you so eloquently put it... I don't care for it.. but it is now an accepted…


    Jul 25th

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