Episode Thirty Eight

Social Media: For Better or Worse?

July 25th 2014

  • Not my bag

    by mm

    I have always believed in "reaching out and touching someone". If I want to connect with a friend or more so family, I make a phone call. I will write a note if it requires my words in my writing. Do…


    Aug 13th

  • Social Media: What's Missing

    by David

    Social Media is great for communicating with people easily. However, what gets lost is tone of voice and facial/body language. I nearly lost my current girlfriend because tone was not conveyed over messaging.…


    Aug 12th

  • The Age of Intolerance

    by Chrystal

    I think that people are using social media and other forms of communications as a means of having more control over who they have that face to face contact with and who they keep out there on a leash.…


    Aug 11th

  • Two-Edged Sword.

    by Garth

    Humans are social creatures. Social media capitalizes on this fact. The internet enables all kinds of interactions that weren't available before. But with this new capability comes both good and bad extremes.…


    Aug 9th

  • Impatience and detachment

    by Marty

    I agree that technology is a good thing in many respects but what is happening is that people get impatient if they do not have an answer to an inquiry in seconds. I started working in the travel industry…


    Aug 8th

  • Good and Bad Experience

    by Dee W

    Social Media can be good and bad. Its good because we can connect with family members or friends. We use our cell phones when we are in an emergency-like you have a flat tire etc and you call for help.…


    Aug 7th

  • Man/Woman & machine

    by Carol

    My thoughts on social media are mixed. I was raised like you Judy to call someone or send out invitations with an RSVP to gather. Social media to me is a good place for connecting with a lot of people…


    Aug 6th

  • Humanity will always shine through ....

    by Isobel

    Technology is a wonderful thing ... look - here I am sitting in the deepest countryside of Lincolnshire in the UK 'talking' to friends I have never seen on the other side of the world! And without the…


    Aug 5th

  • What's the emergency?!

    by Cynthia

    Yes we have Lost our connections. Breaks my heart to see many people and 99% of young ones hooked up to various devises, with mechanisms in their hands, can no longer think or be creative or be silent…


    Aug 4th

  • For Better or Worse

    by Deborah

    Yes we are all losing a part of our self. I don't care for all the new high tech out there. God only knows what someone can do with it at some point in time. We are all just a number now and I think the…


    Aug 4th

  • Cell phones/e-mails

    by Sandy

    I'm not a spring chicken either but what I like about sending messages via text or e-mail is that I can contact people and not get them in trouble at work or take a chance on calling them while they are…


    Aug 3rd

  • Long Reigns the Tweet

    by Barbara

    Perhaps it is only my imagination, but I feel that while social media consumption is certainly rising and will for ever more, people are also becoming more aware of its negative effects. Yes the young…


    Aug 2nd

  • Me telephone 'friends'

    by Steven

    Yes, Judy, sometimes, in a way, we have lost the personal touch. However, now that social media has become more advanced than when it first came out, we can easily 'personalize' our emails with emoticons,…


    Aug 1st

  • Social Media

    by Terry

    Getting a text for my Birthday instead of a phone call is not as satisfying. There's something about a persons voice that makes us feel more connected. It's a proven fact we need human contact. When babies…


    Jul 31st

  • Harder to Understand With No Voice

    by Stacey

    I always think of numerous times when sending an email or a text message has ended up causing a lot of trouble in my life. These types of social media are great when you need to reach someone quickly,…


    Jul 29th

  • It's what you make of it!

    by Craig

    My parents had their type of social media called a phone and paper and pen. 18 years ago my wife didn't think it was necessary for us to have a computer, I told her we would use it to comunicate with…


    Jul 28th

  • Media-ocracy

    by Jennifer

    I use e-mail. I signed up on Facebook, and Twitter and ended by deleting FB and Twitter. I simply could not take the overwhelming Tsunami of banality. I pick up the phone, I write thank you notes and…


    Jul 26th

  • Staying Connected

    by Sylvia

    I think social media has allowed us to be more connected. I live on the east coast my grandchildren on the west. Due to many reasons, mostly financial, I don't get to see them often. But with my computer…


    Jul 26th

  • Be discriminatory!

    by Laura

    As a college professor reaching back to the 70's I grew up with the computer and later the internet. It can be a boon or a bust. Many put trivial pictures and events on Facebook or YouTube, pictures of…


    Jul 25th

  • Losing humanity due to social technology/media

    by Colleen

    Yes I agree we have lost some humanity by using those items rather than calling or visiting. We need human companionship and the human touch, holding a hand, hugging and really talking & letting people…


    Jul 25th

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