Episode Thirty Eight

Social Media: For Better or Worse?

July 25th 2014

  • Social media is just another tool for communicatin

    by Gigi

    We used to just grunt.Then came cave drawings, then eventually written word, the telegraph, the telephone, and so on. Now technology has provided us with new tools to use for communication, but most the…


    Sep 16th

  • There Is Nothing Like The Sound Of 1's Voice...

    by Tammie

    The World Has Sped Up A Little To Much For My Taste!! There Truly Is Something Personal About Having Someone CARE ENOUGH TO STOP, And DIAL UR # & ACTUALLY TALK TO U FOR A WHILE... or more over, SIT…


    Sep 15th

  • Social Medias and Family

    by Linda

    Just like anything else coming out to "help" us can also hurt us as well. My experience is seeing all of those who "isolate" themselves because they have no reason to "mingle"...my concern also relates…


    Sep 11th

  • Multitasking

    by Karen G

    Using social media to connect with others allows us to reach more people in a smaller amount of time, and while completing other tasks. However, I think it has diminished the quality of those connections…


    Sep 10th

  • facebook is elaborate emails with pictures

    by Stacia

    I like Facebook because you can keep up with people and their lives through pictures and posts. I used to keep up with friends through emails. Facebook is elaborate emails with pictures. This is the extent…


    Sep 8th

  • Social Media

    by Joyce

    If you liken social media to television of its day, it can be a great tool. Information is at your fingers in an instant, the bad part is that the information may be false and misleading. Like all things…


    Sep 6th

  • Social or impersonal.

    by Rose Lynn

    I play on the computer. I still, write real letters, make phone calls. A lot of people laugh and tease me a little. Claiming I need to embrace the tweets, I.M's e-mails. Nothing can really replace a cup…


    Sep 5th

  • Instant Gratification

    by Melissa

    Judge Judy, I learned to type on a manual typewriter. I am still learning when it comes to social media. I have a twitter account and have never tweeted. I do enjoy seeing pictures of friends and family…


    Aug 28th

  • Dummy

    by Juli

    In my opinion, the whole internet phone social media is dumbing down the world. It feeds people's ego and makes them think they are more important than they are. It creates an addiction. It desensitizes…


    Aug 27th

  • Social Media

    by Christina

    There are many good things about social media however it is destroying personal connections. I miss getting phone calls and letters. That personal touch. It is so sad to see everyone constantly on their…


    Aug 26th

  • social media

    by Sue

    I am 60 and yes into social media to the degree of a 60-year-old, for example, I need a very young person to show me how to use the smart phone, my voice mail was in Spanish and I don't speak nor read…


    Aug 25th

  • My view of your question on Technology

    by Evelyn

    Hello Judy, I believe that due to all the technology out there today, we have lost that personal touch that real caring feeling. Nothing like a hand written note a voice on the phone. By the way Judy…


    Aug 24th

  • Humanity

    by Cindy

    I don't know Judge. Seems that social media has changed the way in which we communicate with one another. It's a matter of taste. My relative is 80+ and still writes letters to her grandchildren. She…


    Aug 20th

  • Technology and Connection

    by Jokie

    Dear Judge Judy-- I think that, like any tool, communication technology is only as useful (for connection) as it is made to be. One shouldn't try to do the work of a hammer with a screw driver and vice…


    Aug 19th

  • Recent move

    by Doug

    Having moved my family for economic reasons to a different part of the country made me glad it is 2014 not 1995. I say this because despite not being physically close to a person or group I can at any…


    Aug 18th

  • Change for the better?

    by Rich

    Electronic social media is still very young and will keep evolving to fit our needs as humans. New forms of communication have usually met some skepticism until the benefits are better understood. Some…


    Aug 17th

  • The new normal

    by Abby

    This is a good question, Your honor. For better or worse, e-communication is the new normal. Before telephones, how did people interact with each other? They knocked on each other's door and invited them…


    Aug 16th

  • The Great Illusion

    by JB

    Judy, As a "young person", I find it frustrating to, by default, by mere accident of generation--of age, of decade of birth, of society and culture of upbringing--to be associated with so many others…


    Aug 15th

  • reaching out

    by lindamay

    I am profound hearing impaired, so I use caption telephone but hate using it due to the delay. My children get mad with me because they think I am not listening to what they are saying to me so I don't…


    Aug 15th

  • Double-edged Sword

    by Judy H.

    I agree with you Judge Judy. Social media has taken the place of many different types of real human interaction. I think that social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc. can too easily become…


    Aug 14th

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