Episode Thirty Eight

My more legible communication

Mar 17th

My more legible communication

by Timothy

I agree with you that an email or text is not as personal as phone call or letter. I think it has made it too easy to communicate now. I remember being a pen pal as a kid to my cousins 8 hours away. It was a bit of a chore but I managed to do a fair job. However, not having time to run by the post office, or having a stamp handy and to get a surprise email or text or FB from an old friend does have an advantage. It's easier, I can type faster than I can write and it is much more legible. I rarely use the phone at all any more. I love the online experience much better than the old days (and I am 50 years old) but I do think it loses a personal touch somehow than to see the persons effort made in a letter with a stamp or to hear their voice and hear the sincerity in what they are saying. I have changed with the times like yourself and i doubt I'd ever go back, BUT I think you have a valid point. You can email or write me any time. I would always welcome hearing from my favorite judge :)

Mar 17th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says...we may be losing a little of our humanity when we depend on technology and social media to connect with others.

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