Episode Thirty Eight

Social Media: For Better or Worse?

July 25th 2014

  • What happened to Thank You notes?!

    by Linda

    My eldest grandchild, 24, sends me charming hand-written thank-you notes for gifts I send her, and I am elated to receive them. My other two grandchildren, ages 19 and 22, used to use FB or email or texting…


    Jan 30th

  • Social Media

    by Carolyn Gail

    I am as informed at 56 years old as I can be concerning computers and social media. I enjoy it and I learn from it everyday. However, once a week, I still sit down and write a hand written letter to my…


    Jan 30th

  • email vs personal touch

    by Susan

    I absolutely agree with you judge judy. I miss the old days with the personal touch, face to face or by phone. Much more personal!


    Jul 14th

  • Technology

    by Terry

    I love technology! With it I keep more in touch with family and friends that live far away. When I don't want or don't have time for a long conversation, I just send them an e-mail or text. This allows…


    Jul 3rd

  • Depressed / shyness

    by Leon

    Social media. It is nice for ''sometime'' but it may not become a replacement for face to face communication. Live communication should be priority nr.!!! Example:In Holland almost EVERY teenager who…


    Jun 18th

  • Social Graces

    by Irmgard

    Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives. I think we have lost personal graces because of it also. I see people on the phone while out to dinner with each other or in a group. How very sad.…


    Jun 12th

  • An Impersonal Generation

    by Denise

    Growing up I can honestly say I truly enjoyed my families. We often did visit family and even spend dinners together. Other times, we talked on the telephone to keep in touch. The phone you can hear if…


    Jun 10th

  • Social Media: Good and Bad

    by Jen

    Good - because it's convenient. Bad - because tone is lost; thus, intent can become a gray area. I also find this leads to unnecessary drama. I think this has hurt humanity. Overall, new technology is…


    Jun 8th

  • social media zombies

    by Colleen

    I still don't have a facebook account, nor do I tweet. I work in a computer shop so it isn't from lack of understanding. I enjoy talking to people. We aren't meant to be isolated the way people are becoming.…


    Apr 9th

  • My more legible communication

    by Timothy

    I agree with you that an email or text is not as personal as phone call or letter. I think it has made it too easy to communicate now. I remember being a pen pal as a kid to my cousins 8 hours away. It…


    Mar 17th

  • Technology is fast but cold.

    by Sherrie

    Dear Judge Judy, Only those of us who grew up in a less techno-savvy world would even think to ask this question. Like you, I frequently use the email, when I would have used the phone, years ago. I also…


    Mar 12th

  • Born into technology.

    by Jacob

    I as a youngster was born into a world of technology, but hearing my grandmas stories about the world before iPhones, I wish I had been around to know how to do things the old fashioned way, and to be…


    Jan 2nd

  • The Time's They Are A Changin

    by Duane

    Have to go with technology. I'm 60 and tried to keep up with changes so I could continue to connect with my children. They were always priority number one. Sending an email, text, Tweet or facebook post…


    Nov 27th

  • Facilitating interaction.

    by Aimee-Deborah

    I'm 20 years old and I am a product of the technology age. At university I consume everything online, from TV and world news to cutting edge scientific research. Maybe there weren't tablet PCs when I…


    Oct 27th

  • Social Media is Just Another Tool

    by Donna

    I'm 60 years of age. So like you, Judge Judy, I grew up before the Internet and Social Media. We didn't grow up using computers or mobile phones back then. We spoke to our friends and family in person…


    Oct 22nd

  • Social Media

    by Claire

    I enjoy talking on the phone to close family and friends. I learned to type at James Madison HS in Miss Hauptman's class for 2 years...I still use my typing on my PT job and of course at home...but I…


    Oct 10th

  • Manners and civility in the age of social media

    by Ivy

    I can understand few benefits to social media; immediate news and instant information perhaps..but young children/teens, even some adults it seems to be more of a tool for bullying and self importance.…


    Oct 8th

  • It All Depends

    by Diana

    For me Social Media helps me to keep in touch with my family each day. I have not lost my old habits of calling them and I don't want to, either. I love to hear my mom's voice every day. It gives me reassurance…


    Oct 4th

  • Nothing Like a Live Voice

    by Bunny

    I cannot stand texting! I don't do it and don't want to receive any. I think it is so rude. All I see is folks walking around looking down and texting. They even do it while grocery shopping! They no…


    Sep 20th

  • Social Media and Education

    by Bev

    Perhaps the greatest impact with social media is in education. On the one hand, it expands students' horizons to communicate on a global level. On the other hand, to get a "good job" txt from a teacher…


    Sep 18th

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