Episode Thirty Eight

Social Media: For Better or Worse?

July 25th 2014

0.54 mins

I was a late bloomer in the area of social media. If I wanted to invite someone to my home, I reached out with a phone call or a handwritten note. Now of course, I reach out with an email. It's not the personal way that I was brought up with, and I wonder if I have the same connection with my friends as I had before. Is sending a quick email the same as picking up the phone and saying 'you know, you've been on my mind lately...I wanted to hear your voice.' Do you think we're losing a little bit of our humanity because of all this technology? Let me hear your thoughts.


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Judy says...

Judge Judy says...we may be losing a little of our humanity when we depend on technology and social media to connect with others.

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