Episode Twelve

3 is a charm or maybe 3 strikes you're out!!!!!!!

Nov 9th

3 is a charm or maybe 3 strikes you're out!!!!!!!

by Michele

My Dad died when I was 16; he was only 45 and my Mom 35. I had an older and a younger sister so it was hard for my Mom. When she picked out the grave site they only had a 3 plot for a good price and in a nice place. She bought it and buried my Dad. Of coursr, one left for her and just 1 extra. Later in life she re-married; unfortunately he died. Funny that he had a plot ready with his wife that passed right around the corner about 5 graves away. We laughed and said the four of them would be neighbors. THEN my Mom married again;he died........guess who was buried in that extra plot of 3 that my Mom bought?????? We laugh about it all the time.

Nov 9th

Judy says...

Judy Says...your final resting place may be crowded these days. Who do you really want next to you for eternity?

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