Episode Twelve

Six Feet Under...Where?

November 1st 2012

  • Uneasy rest

    by Dan

    I had a conversation with my mother, she asked where I would bury her. (I'm an only child, parents divorced) I suggested the cemetery crawling with her relatives near where I live. (she lived in NJ, I…


    Sep 26th

  • Post mortem adventures

    by Jenny

    When I die, I want all viable body tissues donated; skin, bone, eyes, organs, etc... Whatever remains will go to science (forensic, medical, experimental, etc.) for 18 months. Any remains after all that…


    Mar 25th

  • Burying an aunt

    by Sheila

    My aunt wanted to be cremated and buried in my uncle's plot and thus avoid buying another plot. It was very expensive to open his grave, with all the permits and rules and regulations, etc. Her family…


    Jan 7th

  • Loved ones make decisions for final resting place

    by Dani

    My dad passed in 2003 and we respected his wishes to be buried in a blue casket. My mom passed in 2006 and she wanted to be cremated and buried. However, I kept her ashes and it's been extremely comforting…


    Jan 7th

  • God is good . . .

    by Kathleen

    In May of 2012, my husband and I flew from FL to MN to visit our daughter, her husband and two grandchildren. My husband was 81 years old and had multiple age-related illnesses. We had just gotten a portable…


    Jan 5th

  • Race Track, Hand of Poker and a Raffle

    by Marge

    My sister passed away on July 4th 2012 after a 10-month struggle with lung cancer. She was an amazing woman with 25 years in the AA program. Everyone who met her, loved her wisdom, open heart and hardy…


    Jan 4th

  • Not Six Feet Under For Me!!

    by R.

    At 68 I look back at my life and how wonderful it has been to me....mostly. I became involved in a dog hobby back in 1974. That's the beginning of the story. Wonderful times and experiences raising two…


    Jan 4th

  • Lessons from this topic

    by Mm

    Having read the many nightmare experiences that people have gone through, I took heart and action. I am single with no children and no debts. I met with my lawyer and have set up a trust with a niece…


    Dec 19th

  • Six Feet Under - NOT

    by Diana

    When my husband and I married, we were in our forties and each had five children, thankfully most of them grown. 27 years later, we have come up with a very good plan, we think. A tenth of what we will…


    Dec 18th

  • Family Heritage

    by Nancy

    My husband and I plan to be buried in my family cemetery on a beautiful mountaintop in rural West Virginia. My dad's great grandmother willed a huge tract of land for the cemetery in the 1700s. The trees…


    Dec 18th

  • Staying with female members of my family...

    by Betty

    My husband has plots in two places with a total of five opens plots. I told him to keep them for his family. When I finally pass, I'll go the a cemetary in Roseville, Ohio to be with the women in the…


    Dec 18th

  • New Ideas For Final Resting Place

    by M

    I'm someone who has researched family history and know where my family is buried all over the world. Something my Grandmother said was my fate to do. Now some 50 years later I've had to decide what to…


    Dec 17th

  • Final Resting? Really?

    by Renee

    I suppose my final resting place wouldn't matter much to me. I could be in a casket above ground (Louisiana says it all) or in a brick wall. As long as my children have a place to go to when they need…


    Dec 15th

  • Final Resting Place

    by Jane

    Having decided to not be placed in the ground but rather spread out over the ground, the decision as to who will rest beside me is not a problem I have to ponder. Where the wind takes me is where I want…


    Dec 15th

  • Here's where!

    by Michele

    I'd rather be cremated; it's simple and I wouldn't want to put any unnecessary burden on my family. I'd like to be placed wherever my husband may be. Hopefully that is not for a very long time since I'm…


    Dec 14th

  • One last chance...

    by Vicki

    To revel in the peace and beauty of nature. I want to be able to anticipate my ultimate demise enough that I am able to take one final walk off into some deep woods. I hope my final hours are spent listening…


    Dec 13th

  • Bodies are temporary...

    by Karen

    I think the body should go to science. When they are done with it, let them decide how to dispose of it. Education helps all, bodies are temporary.


    Dec 13th

  • Going Home to Go Home

    by Judy H.

    My dad died in 1970 at age 57. Mom was very dependent on me. She always came first because of her physical and mental health, even at the expense of our children. I resented that. She mentioned there…


    Dec 12th

  • As little concern as possible.

    by Roxanne

    I’ve insisted to my husband, friends, and family that I wish to be cremated--the most cost effective type of burial possible. :) Ideally, I’d love to just be composted and returned to the…


    Dec 12th

  • Don't leave children with dysfunctional family!

    by M.

    To begin, I hope I can keep it simple. Although be prepared, I never can. So I have thought about this subject way too many times; mostly due to the fact my immediate family(sibleys) have always had a…


    Dec 5th

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