Episode Sixteen

Show Me The Money

January 10th 2013

  • Sock Money Topic: Unsure...

    by Sousa

    I am in a relationship, where I´m cluless about my partners income. I do not have an income of my own. He does have his own business, but, he doesn´t include me much..... I haven´t work…


    Jun 15th

  • This wife handles the finances.

    by Leslie

    I'm 34, my husband is 29. It took a long time for me to accept his proposal. I'm pretty independent and didn't want that to change. I handle all the money. He got in some trouble with credit cards when…


    Jul 4th

  • Father knows best!

    by Rachel

    When I was a teenager on the verge of stepping out into the world, my father made me promise to always keep my money as my own. Meaning, maintain your own checking account, do not co-mingle money with…


    Feb 16th

  • Lending money to family members

    by Erin

    I am now a 40 yr old women and 9 years ago I had lost my son of 5 years. I received a settlement due to his death and I was asked to loan a family member money with the verbal agreement that I would be…


    Feb 4th

  • A marriage that is shared...

    by Mrs. E

    My husband and I have been married for over 49 years. We have raised three children and all as been succesfull in their working life. We have brought them up to not have any debt and told them that if…


    Feb 2nd

  • Keep It Simple!

    by Crystal

    My boyfriend and I have lived together for almost five years with little to no financial issues. He maintains his own checking account and I my own. He pays the mortgage and any bills that are personal…


    Feb 1st

  • The son's point of view

    by J

    My mother has never been adept with handling finances. Most of her life, she's had someone's help, from her parents, to her now ex-husband, to eventually me. Now educated and out of the house, I taught…


    Jan 30th

  • This goes both ways...

    by Jeffrey

    When I got married, I was in and out of the hospital for several years, as I was rear ended by a car doing sixty while sitting at a red light on my motorcycle. My wife handled the finances. As the bills…


    Jan 23rd

  • Managing Money to Enjoy Life

    by Daniel

    I happen to enjoy some good nosh at Nate and Al's in Beverly Hills to traveling around the world. If one does not manage money correctly they could be in debt and not be able to enjoy life. Working for…


    Jan 23rd

  • Fool Me Once, Shame on Me, Fool me Twice...

    by Jennifer

    At the beginning of our marriage, I handled the finances because my husband openly admitted that he was clueless when it came to managing a household. After a few years, he saw how stressed I was becoming…


    Jan 22nd


    by Daci

    This is definitely a subject that couples, married or not, should discuss before anything else. And more about money should be taught in school! I married young and let my husband deal with money issues.…


    Jan 21st

  • Early Life Lessons

    by Catherine

    After watching my Grandmother being left high and dry by my Grandfather in their divorce, because she had no idea where the money was, I got a clue. But it was after my father’s heart attack and…


    Jan 19th

  • Micro-managing or being responsible?

    by Laura

    Growing up in a family where finances were a mess and we were always battling poverty taught me a lot. My parents didn't pay attention a bit to how much money was coming in or going out. I am not like…


    Jan 19th

  • Show me the Green!

    by Ciara

    When I first got married, I let my husband handle the finances -- not because of cluelessness but because most of the bills were ones he had acquired before we were married. It most likely wouldn't have…


    Jan 18th

  • Momma told me

    by Linda

    My mother was a great teacher. Mother believed that every child boy/girl must learn reverse rolls. Everything the boys were taught, I must learn and vise versa. Every week we would receive an allowance…


    Jan 17th

  • I Thought I Could Trust Her...She Has an Acctg Deg

    by J.

    A now former friend of mine and her husband took me in "as family" 2 years ago when I had a job offer that I was sure to get. I relocated from out of state. Job went to someone else, but I was able to…


    Jan 17th

  • Other Circumstances...

    by Suzie

    I have managed the finances in all my relationships. I don't WANT to! I'm bad with money, It's caused problems in previous relationships. My fiancé is different to other relationships - he is bi-polar.…


    Jan 16th

  • 29 Years of Money Juggling

    by Lucy

    When we first got married, hubby paid all our bills at once and we didn't have money for food or gas, so I showed him how to budget for sure dates. I've been the money handler for the 29 years of our…


    Jan 16th

  • Money handler

    by Jane

    My husband was not financially responsible when we married. We agreed I would "do" the money. Not because I was a whole lot better at it but to keep it from becoming a bigger mess with both of us messing…


    Jan 16th

  • Left in the Dark

    by Tiffany

    About 12 years ago, I got married and let my husband control all the finances in the household. So in doing that I had no idea that he took out a second mortgage on the house and how many credit cards…


    Jan 15th

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