Episode Thirty Four

Rising above ignorance...

Feb 13th

Rising above ignorance...

by Kim

Hi Judge Judy! I am a daily superfan! I think parents should be responsible for their child's actions because they are obviously missing something at home. My son turned 3 yesterday. He is a non-verbal autistic child so the kids make fun of the sounds he make, flapping hands due to excitement and his lack of speech. I wrote these instances down and made myself his 7yr old sister standing up for her 5 yr old brother to turn this into a children's book about autism and bullying. I want the title to be "He's not stupid. He's autistic". I am not sure how that will go over with the world, but these kids hit us hard so we have to give it back even harder. That's why this world is going down now. If the future depends on them, I want to go before them! To help many understand, I want to create the World's Largest Easter Basket. Do something fun for their ATTN then teach 'n preach what the parents don't. The same kids that tease him steal his toys and the parents can care less. That is wrong.

Feb 13th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says....there's more than one way to motivate a parent of a bullying child to do the right thing.

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