Episode Thirty Four

Combating my son's bullying.

Feb 13th

Combating my son's bullying.

by Reya

My 6-year-old son's a great kid. Wonderful and lovable. But, he can also be impulsive and aggressive. This can happen towards other kids who have no interest in playing and towards kids he's playing with. He's been in trouble several times for bullying behavior and name-calling, and each time we combat it as best we can. Time outs and grounding, single privileges lost, points lost in our point/reward behavior system, And it's really hard to know exactly how much of a consequence he needs when we weren't there to witness what happened, and the bus driver or teacher can't explain the whole story either, they just happened to catch the results. Counselling and additional behavioral resources would be fantastic, but we would be devastated to receive a court-ordered fine for something that we're already combating and redirecting to the best of our ability.

Feb 13th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says....there's more than one way to motivate a parent of a bullying child to do the right thing.

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