Episode Thirty Four

Should Parents Be Fined for Children's Bullying?

March 14th 2014

  • Parent of a bullied daughter

    by Cathy. C

    My daughter was bullied for years. When she couldn't take anymore, we went to the bullier's house, I spoke to the parent, she was mortified that her daughter was acting this way. The issue was resolved…


    Aug 22nd

  • Couldn't agree more

    by Brien P

    I believe parents should bear some responsibility of their children's actions. Bullying unfortunately will always be a part of most people's lives but it is much worse if the bullying child's parents…


    Aug 13th

  • Money Can't Buy Happiness...

    by S.S

    Before my daughter was bullied I would have agreed that financial penalties would be an appropriate solution. My daughter was bullied recently by 4 people. The problem we had is two of them were sisters…


    Jun 26th

  • Should parents be fined for children's bullying

    by Laurel

    I very much agree that after parents have done everything possible to get the child help & the child continues to do that they should not be held responsible. The child should be held accountable for…


    Jun 17th

  • Should Parents Be Fined for Children's Bullying

    by J.M.F.

    I was bullied as a child and wished there was a law in effect that would impose a fine on the kid's parents who bullied me. The suffering I was forced to endure was terrible. Even with my own child, all…


    Jun 12th

  • The parents of my son's bullies should take...

    by Yay

    responsibility! My son , now 10, has been bullied on and off by the same two ring leaders for three years. Each time the headmaster tells us the parents are very upset about it, but they never apologize…


    Jun 9th

  • Kids Have Rights and You Can't Fine Parents...

    by First Amendment Fan

    I am a bullying victim- 3rd grade through 12th was horrible and a daily torment. However, I believe that as long as no defamation of character occurs, nor physical assault, from a First Amendment perspective,…


    May 26th

  • Bullying is NOT home grown but I paid

    by Mom of a Former Bully

    My son decided that one day he would start bullying an Asian girl neighbor. I do not know where he got this from but he started sending her messages via the internet. BAD messages. My son was just in…


    May 23rd

  • bullying at school

    by Earl

    As a New York State school bus driver, I see the bullying first hand. We have to give the bullier a chance to change his action by appologies. Parents are called to be put on notice . The students are…


    May 1st

  • Ca-ching!

    by Doris

    Hit the parents in their wallets and you'll see a lot of these bullies being tamed....and fast!


    Apr 16th

  • Bully/The Parent Responsibility

    by Mary

    I was bullied as a child all through teenage years.... There is nothing worse... ESPECIALLY when you are dealing with a Dysfunctional Home... I have three children who I am proud to say are Confident…


    Apr 15th

  • A friend in need.

    by M. B.

    When I was in grade school around 7th grade. I met this girl on my way to school which I thought was cool because now I could have a friend to walk to school with. Well this girl who was a head taller…


    Apr 14th

  • Tripped in school when, I was in 8th grade.

    by Joan

    I was tripped by a girl that was a friend of a friend. I never did any wrong to her but she thought she was cool!!! I now, 20 yrs. later am being haunted with no cartilage, bone spurs, and severe arthritis.…


    Apr 13th

  • Yes! Fine the parents of bullies!!

    by Tracy

    Yes they should be fined. Bullying goes on much longer after it stops. It can effect you into adulthood and how you feel about yourself. Physical abuse you can heal from in my experience but emotional…


    Apr 12th

  • A girl who was bullied

    by Jenn

    I'm not a parent, but I do think that if an authority figure, teacher, coach, principle, etc tells a parent that their kid has bullied another person, and yet does nothing about it, then the parent should…


    Apr 9th

  • Growing up Muslim Post 9/11

    by Erica

    When I was a pre teen, my mom remarrried and converted to Islam. Naturally, my sisters and I followed suit. Initially the change was abrupt (I left school Friday as a Baptist and returned that Monday…


    Apr 8th

  • Order Family Counseling

    by Carla

    I believe that perhaps court ordered family counseling with professionals chosen by the court in this area of expertise would be perhaps a better solution. It could be done on a sliding scale fee. This…


    Apr 7th

  • Bullying

    by Mark

    Judge Judy - I couldn't agree with you MORE. If parents REFUSE to step up to the plate and do the CORRECT thing to stop bullying---YES, HIT them in their wallets / purses. I 'am SICK and tired of parents…


    Apr 6th

  • Parents responsible for their child's bullying?

    by Theresa

    I believe that once a parent has been advised that their child has been bullying another child they should take action to fix the problem & if they chose to ignore it or Pooh pooh it then they should…


    Apr 5th

  • The cost of raising a bully

    by Damien

    I agree with the premise that future choices of behavior are likely going to be influenced by the costs incurred as a consequence of our past choices. I also believe parent's have great power and influence…


    Apr 4th

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