Episode Five

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

July 24th 2012

  • My boyfriend broke up with me FIVE times already

    by Amy

    After FIVE break-ups (all initiated by him), many angry outbursts of yelling (he once called be the "C" word), and repeated lies, I'm getting closer to leaving him. He knows I want to move across the…


    Dec 18th

  • So sad when looking back...

    by Jane

    I loved my husband and still do. I went thru the drugs ..other women ..abuse. The turning point after 18 years is when he introduced the girlfriend at the time to our 8-year-old son as his soon to be…


    Sep 8th

  • When the words finally come out...

    by T.

    It was an 10 year marriage that started out like many others. His 2nd, my first. I came in with children, he had none. A few years later we added "ours". His family never really accepted me and mine.…


    Sep 4th

  • Military and Marriage

    by R.O.

    I married a Marine 10 years older than me at the age of 20. He asked me to marry him and I was very surprised...he never seemed that interested in me. I was excited to be engaged but I wanted to wait…


    Sep 4th

  • Look in the Mirror

    by Michelle

    We can be somewhere physically and not emotionally. We all know how to hide our feelings. We all have free time to go off somewhere and not be missed. We can be physically separate from somone we love…


    Sep 4th

  • I knew the night I picked up the phone...

    by Tracy

    Hi Judge Judy, I will tell you this...the night I picked up the phone in my bedroom and heard my then 31 year old husband talking to a 17 year old girl from work, was the night that I marched downstairs,…


    Sep 3rd

  • How bad does it have to be, before I go?

    by Paula

    I've made poor choices in men for most of my life. I know the reasons & family history that engineered those skewed perceptions of mates, & each time I thought I was making a "mature" decision.…


    Sep 3rd

  • I thought 'Erroneous Zones' were 'ErogenousZones

    by Marian

    I bought this popular Dr Dyer self-help book thinking it was about sex. I was not happyily married and his book made me realize I was staying in the marriage for the wrong reasons. I knew Mom would throw…


    Sep 1st

  • Three-year-old weighs in on divorce...

    by Charlotte

    When my daughter and her husband were getting a divorce it was very friendly. They knew it wasn't working. They told their daughter that they wouldn't be living together any more in such a way that she…


    Aug 31st

  • Letting go...

    by Yvonne

    Hi Judy!! I am a mother of four, and I have been with my husband for eleven years. He told me just two weeks ago that he does not love me. Now I may be dumb at certain things, but I am not dumb to stay…


    Aug 31st

  • Sheesh

    by Leah F

    My heart hurts when I think of him. He is my best friend and has been for seven years. But here I am. Getting my Doctorate and trudging through Practicum, working two jobs, and being a mom to two children…


    Aug 28th

  • Three Times, Not a Charm!

    by Portia

    My experience can be easily explained in short order. I am single, never married. Life is too short to pick around. Most guys do not make it to the third date. My fiancé was in a car accident.…


    Aug 22nd

  • Til death do us part, part two...and three

    by Carl

    I married my second wife when I got out of the Army. We both had one young child going into the marriage and knew that it would be a challenge. We were married for approximately 18 years and had two more…


    Aug 21st

  • Trust!

    by R.

    I am a daughter to a father that beat my mother. I am a daughter of a mother that allowed my father to beat his children. I am the daughter of a mother that loved me but was jealous of me. I am the daughter…


    Aug 20th

  • Be a Grown-up....REALLY

    by e.

    As a blended family with resentful ex spouses, we learned early in our marriage that "surrendering to win" was much more beneficial than watching our children be pulled apart during the holidays. We began…


    Aug 19th

  • You may be wrong but you may be right...

    by Denise

    I married at 23 and divorced at 40. He was very jealous of any man that paid any attention to me, whether it was to ask directions or someone I worked with. His 1st wife cheated on him and I knew he had…


    Aug 19th

  • In retrospect...

    by Helen

    I had parents who, for as long as I can remember, were constantly bickering, mostly about money. It was so unpleasant that I wondered why they were not divorced, they were so incompatible. Many years…


    Aug 18th

  • Never be afraid to make the hard choice!

    by Kirsten

    My ex was an alcoholic, and his treatment of me varied between verbal abuse, physical threats, and ignoring me altogether. I struggled so much with whether to stay in the marriage, since if I just left…


    Aug 18th

  • A little bit of everything.......

    by Pam

    You brought back a lovely memory....I can still hear my mother saying "Don't kvetch." Both my parents were immigrants to Australia in 1948 from Poland and Germany. They have since passed away. I am well…


    Aug 18th

  • 2 young 2B too OLD !

    by Lee

    I'm in a relationship with a man who has five children with two different women. Three from his previous marraige and two with another woman (while married). I know to some people I may be a straight-up…


    Aug 18th

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