Episode Forty Four

Save early and as you go along!

Jan 30th

Save early and as you go along!

by Nathan

1. Get a savings account and put away whatever money you can - and the key thing is not to touch that money. If you set a fixed amount to put away each week/month, you may limit yourself a bit, though the payoff can be huge down the line. 2. Spend wisely. Ask yourself whenever buying something, “Do I really need this? Is this absolutely essential?” You’d be surprised how things look amazing in a store and, when you get home, the magical sheen and glimmer fades in seconds. Don’t buy junk - buy what makes you truly happy. 3. Cut back! I used to spend a lot of money just on eating out. It’s convenient and delicious, indeed, but for the same price of a costly sandwich, you could probably make yourself a scrumptious meal at home - if you learn how to cook! Thinking about where you spend the most and cutting back will really help. Thank you, Judge Judy Sheindlin - I have watched you on TV since I was 8 and hope to study law starting next year! I was inspired to pursue law thanks to you.

Jan 30th

Judy says...

Judge Judy says…As a small child, I was taught the importance of saving money in order to have a solid future.

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